On Tuesday, I found a boutique that caters to the Look at Me woman between 35 and 65.  Look at this coat I found!

It actually fit.  No, I don’t look like Miss Skinny in it, but it gave me such presence that I didn’t care.  Unfortunately, I cared about the $225 price tag.  That’s actually a reasonable price, just not in my budget right now.  The brand is Radzoli.  Good luck finding this coat online.  Here’s the thing about The Brownstone–you’re unlikely to find the clothes elsewhere, and you’re unlikely to find the same item in her store from one week to the next.

The boutique’s owner, Princess Jenkins, is up there with Lynn Tilton as a role model for me.  I don’t have time to write more now, but this article does a great job of describing her until I do.