For those of you who have been jacket-shopping recently, you know that Marketa’s pose for this photo isn’t much of an exaggeration.  We found ourselves asking the age-old question:  Is it too much to ask for a blazer that looks good buttoned?  And of course we came up with the same old answer:  Apparently, yes.

The back of this BCBG jacket fit like a glove, but for over $200, the price should include the option of being worn fully buttoned.

We found many classic suit jackets and beautiful knits on Friday, but Marketa is searching for a woven blazer with a little “something” to it that she can wear with a dress or jeans.  We came away empty-handed from Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, but we haven’t finished our search.

After the jump, see this extra-small BCBG jacket on our 34D saleslady.  I ask you:  Could she really be a 34D?  Marketa thinks maybe.  I think no way.  Either way, she looks great in the jacket, even if she can’t button it either!

A cute Macy’s option, but something wasn’t right about the shoulders. Also, a little too fussy for Marketa’s purposes.