Full bust brands come and go quickly, but Polish brand Urkye has been around for a while now. Don’t let shipping costs from Poland scare you, as it’s one of the most affordable fuller bust brands. If you pay with PayPal, you can even be refunded up to $30 per package for return shipping up to 12 times a year (thanks Leah for this tip a couple of years ago!). Hourglassy has many reviews of Urkye full bust clothing going back to 2012.

After working from home for over 1.5 years now, my style has changed a lot. I’m back to wearing jeans and a cute top for work and not the dress-heavy wardrobe I was into for several years. I’ll be heading back into the office at some point this fall and my jean/cute top formula is going to stay (sadly, going to have to give up my daily Birkenstocks with socks footwear choice).

The Skubal top from Urkye has a sweetheart neckline and is made from a thick stretchy cotton (92% Cotton, 8% Elastane). I’ve had other tops in this fabric and while they faded a bit over time, the fabric lasted through many wears and a couple of years before stretching out and losing elasticity. The front of this top is made of 3 panels with princess seams. The middle panel is double fabric, which is great for additional tummy coverage.

I’m wearing this with a higher cut bra and the neckline completely covers it. Urkye has smaller armholes than Bravissimo, which is great for sleeveless tops and complete bra coverage. I liked this top so much, I also ended up buying it in hunter green too. The Skubal also comes in burgundy and royal blue.

The Skubal is form-fitting, and I will feel more comfortable wearing it at work with an open cardigan. On the weekends, it’s a great top on its own.

Wearing my new shirt for a day trip to Boston in August!

I’ve owned and reviewed the Kopertówka top before on Hourglassy, and my sister also loves this style of top from Urkye! The Kopertówka comes in multiple forms, from a full skirted or sheath dress to four different sleeve length tops. New fashion colors can sell out fast?—buy quickly if you see a new color that you love! Sadly, this cherry red color is no longer available, but there are bright red and burgundy versions available for a similar look.

This top is super versatile depending on the bottom you choose and the bra you wear. I’ve paired this top with bootcut jeans and a bias-cut black skirt for this post to demonstrate a business casual or weekend look, and a more polished going-out-on-the-town look.

The Kopertówka is made from a soft stretchy jersey fabric (95% viscose, 5% lycra) that is long lasting with no fading. I tend to dry my clothes on a drying rack and the many layers and gathers on this top cause it to take longer to dry than a normal shirt. The recommended care is to allow it to dry either flat or folded and not in the dryer.

In both tops, I am wearing a size 44 00/000. My two additional orders this summer took 12-14 days to be delivered from Poland to NYC. Have any of you purchased from Urkye lately?