Urkye was the first fuller busted clothing company that I started wearing. And I love their shirts! I own four of their wrap shirts, two with long sleeves and two with short sleeves. This week on Instagram, Urkye showcased three new colors of their long-sleeved wrap top: cherry red, bottle green and plum violet

Most likely, I will not be purchasing a new wrap top because how many wrap tops can I actually wear and own? Below are the two long-sleeve wrap tops that I currently own.

I tend to wear the black top more often (one of my short-sleeved wrap tops is also black). I wear a lot of black clothes, so this is not a huge surprise.

The blue wrap has gotten less wear – but I do still wear it.

When I first started shopping at Urkye the largest size in stretch shirts was 44 00/000. As you can see the 44 00/000 is tight on my back. There is a now a new larger size 46 00/000 and if any of these beautiful new colors come out in dress form I might try the larger size.

Have any of you had success with Urkye tops and dresses?