Here comes part 2 of our spring/summer 2022 Curve Expo coverage. We have a lot more to showcase, but we’re sticking to one brand per post this time so it’s a little more easy to digest. So expect to see several more of these posts over the next month or so.

This week, we’ll focus on Gossard. Some of their new trends include NEON (my favorite!) and new colors and textures for favorite styles. Here are some of the standouts. (Note that these are all listed in UK sizes.)

One of my top picks is actually a more subdued color, the Superboost collection in “Moonlight Blue.” I think the black trim makes this shade really pop. The Non-Padded Deep V Bralette (seen here) comes in 30D-G and 32-38 B-G. Arriving January 2022.
Note the bit of coordinating black thread in the scalloped edge of the lace.
The Superboost collection also includes a Padded Plunge (left) in bands 28-38, cups up to G; and a Non-Padded Plunge in 32-38 B-C and 30-38 D-G.
The other new Superboost color is “Diva Pink.” I’m totally in love with this ultra-saturated acid coral-esque neon pink! Coming April 2022.
Next is the super-cool new Pulse Mesh collection. I absolutely love the combination of sexy mesh with wide, sporty straps. This is the Longline Padded Plunge, which comes in bands 30-38, up to G cups. Release in November 2021.
The Pulse Mesh Non-Wired Front-Fastening Bra unfortunately only goes up to E cups, but it’s so cool-looking, I had to share it anyway.
The equally cool bottom options include a suspender, high-waist brief, and thong.
The Illusion collection offers art deco-style embroidery that reaches past the edge of the cup. The padded plunge bra comes in 30-38, up to G. Available January 2022.
The latest Glossies color is this black and red leopard print with traces of brownish-purple for a perfect fall palette. Sizes 30-38, up to G. Coming in January 2022.
The Glossies Lace collection will offer a hot pink choice (not pictured) and a bright, sunny yellow (called “Primrose”) that I think creates an amazing neon ketchup-and-mustard pairing with the Diva Pink Superboost collection (shown here). Sizes 28-38, up to G. Hot pink launches in January and Primrose launches in April 2022.
A new addition to the Glossies family is the Lotus series, featuring open-work vintage-style lace made with 62% recycled nylon. The black and “Cafe Crème” colors will be continuity. Sizes 28-38, up to G. Coming in March 2022.
The Glossies Lotus was suuuuuuuuuper soft and lightweight. Do recall that at DD and up, there’s an interior side sling, so even for such light fabric the support will still be good.
Finally, we have the new Envy collection in a gorgeous electric blue. Sizes 28-38, up to G. Available April 2022.
Note the overlapping pieces for a cool multi-layered effect.
And here’s a photo of the Envy in action so you can see how those layers rest against the body.