I’ve reviewed the vintage-style jeans from Freddie’s of Pinewood several times before, as well as their bust-friendly “Work Blouse.” But they also carry really cute stretch jersey tees and tops, which I’m finally reviewing today.

I first ordered two tops of the same style in size medium in 2016. They’re basically the same style, a thick knit tee shirt with dolman-style cap sleeves and a boatneck. One was called “Samba Stripe” (yellow and navy stripe) and one “Vote for Me” (red, white, and blue stripe). This year, I ordered two more in size large, called “Mimi” (black with white stripes and notch neck) and “Two Timer” (cream and black color-block boatneck).

My measurements are 38”-29”-43” with height 5’6”, and I wear bra size UK 28GG/ 30G.

When we photographed these tops, “Vote for Me” was in the laundry, so I only have one old shot of it, but its fit is exactly the same as the “Samba Stripe.”

“Vote for Me” features ribbed knit trim at the neck and sleeves. With a length of 20 inches, it’s cropped and must be worn with high-waist bottoms. “Samba Stripe” features the same textured rib trim at the sleeves, but the neck trim uses the same fabric as the body of the top.

As you can see, these two tops are very tight. The 100% cotton fabric is plenty stretchy, so they still fit, but it makes my boobs look extremely prominent. You can also see the short length in that last photo. It doesn’t look too bad in this shot, but keep in mind that I’m wearing super high-waist bottoms. Additionally, since it’s so tight, it rides up with the slightest movement.

After my first try with Freddie’s tops, I vowed that I would size up to large next time I bought their knit tees. So when they had a recent sale, I picked up another work blouse (still in size UK 12/ US medium) and two new tees in size large.

This time, the two tops are also 100% cotton jersey but are slightly thinner material. At size large, the slightly looser fit doesn’t ride up at the waist or cup my boobs so tightly, so I’m physically and mentally more comfortable in it.

“Two Timer” features dolman-style cap sleeves with ribbed trim at the cuffs and no trim at the neck. I’m impressed that the stripes and seams all line up perfectly! It’s the same 20” in length as the size medium tops, so I’ll still be sticking with high-waist bottoms even though it’s not riding up when untucked the way size medium does.

“Mimi” features slightly different construction. It’s augmented dolman sleeves, but with a seam going across the armpit. You can see that there’s one piece of fabric (vertical stripes) above the bust and one at the bust and below (horizontal stripes), and that continues onto the sleeves with no shoulder seam. The back is all one piece of fabric with horizontal stripes. The cap sleeves have ribbed trim, but the neckline has no trim but has a notch that I quite like.

Mimi fits much the same as Two Timer, i.e. fitted but not skintight, and again 20” long. I also notice in these photos how much you can see my bra band digging in through the first two medium tops, but there’s no issue of that with the large tops. I’ll still be wearing the medium ones, but the fit of the large is preferred and that’s what I’ll always buy going forward.

Finally, here’s a last photo where I rolled down my waistband to a mid-rise height, so you can really clearly see how short these tops are—they all hit me pretty close to this spot.