I’ve reviewed the high-waisted vintage-inspired jeans from Freddie’s of Pinewood a few times before. And I’ve since purchased several more items from the brand, including a couple boat-neck tee-shirts (they ran small but stretchy), the high-waisted “buckleback shorts” (love them!!), and most recently, a button-up “work blouse.”

Button-up shirts are always tricky for busty gals, but the top half of the Chain Gang jumpsuit fit so well that I thought it was worth trying these blouses, since they have a similar blouson shape—and it turns out I love them!

The Work Blouse is made of 100% cotton chambray fabric, and comes in 20 different colors, plus a few different plaid prints and even a long-sleeve version. I’m wearing the “red” color in size UK 12.

The shirt is lightweight and super breathable and comfy. I wore it this week on a 90-degree day, including riding my bike to work, and still felt comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be in NYC on a 90-degree day).

Miraculously, there is no pulling or gaping at the buttons whatsoever. The top has loads of space at the bust thanks to some strategic gathering at the front of each shoulder, each side of the front waistband, the center of the upper back, and the center of the back waistband. You can see the gathering pretty clearly in this manufacturer’s photo (note that this is the “cerise” color, not “red”):

The shirt matches up perfectly to the measurements on the Freddie’s size chart: Bust 52cm and waist 39cm (flat). I measure 38” bust (or 19” flat—about 49cm) and 29” waist (or 14.5” flat—about 37cm), so this is perfect for me since the fabric has no stretch or give.

However, my one complaint is that the top is a bit shorter than the chart says. It’s listed as 49cm from top of the collar at back to waistband, but it’s actually 46cm unless you really pull on the gathers. Sure, that’s a difference of only a little over an inch, but with my extra-long torso, I need all the length I can get.

Unless you’re significantly shorter than me (I’m 5’6”) or have a very short waist, you will have to wear this top with the highest of high waists. I’m wearing it with Trashy Diva’s high-waist shorts, which have an exceptionally high rise, but the shirt still rode up and exposed skin as I kept moving around into different poses.

So I do wish the top were just an inch or two longer above the waistband. But overall, I love that it provides a casual yet work-appropriate vintage look. I definitely plan to buy more colors!