Two years after my initial review of jeans from Freddie’s of Pinewood, they finally had a sale (10% off on Boxing Day), so I could justify buying more. Ironically, I ended up buying two completely different choices than I originally planned. Once again I love them both, though they certainly fit differently than my original two, the 1940s Button Pants and the New Jeanies.

I bought the same size as my earlier pairs (30) and my measurements are still 29” waist and 41” hips at the widest point (with a height of 5’6”, though keep in mind I have short legs and a loooooong torso).

First up are the Utility Jeans, which feature a straight, slightly wide leg, a side zipper, and folded over flaps on the front pockets. The flaps are what really drew me to these, because it made them stand apart from my other vintage repro pants.

Initially, I was interested in the Norma Jeans and the Rivet Jeans, but ultimately I decided the Normas were too similar to my Lady K Loves Hug Me Baby jeans, and the Rivets weren’t quite different enough from my New Jeanies. Then the Utilities caught my eye, and I was sold!




The zipper is on the side seam, instead of hidden inside the pocket like the New Jeanies, with one button.
The zipper is on the side seam, instead of hidden inside the pocket like the New Jeanies, with one button.



The first thing I noticed about the Utilities is that they fit more tightly than the New Jeanies did around my waist, upper thighs, and butt—even though the Jeanies are supposed to be 2cm smaller around the hip. The Jeanies have two buttons at the closure, and I sometimes wear it on the tighter setting. But the Utilities have one button, and it’s a bit of a snug fit. Denim stretches with age and wear, though, so I suspect they’ll become just a touch looser over time.

On the plus side, the denim doesn’t feel nearly as stiff as my Jeanies even though they’re both 100% cotton, so it’s a lot easier to bend over to tie my shoes, or to sit at a desk all day.

Additionally, while the Jeanies and the Utilities are supposed to have the same inseam length (82cm), the Utilities are definitely shorter. I have to fold up the Jeanies a few inches to keep them from dragging on the ground, but the Utilities are a perfect length, just barely skimming the ground when I wear thin sneakers:


Even though they’re snug around my midsection, I love love love these pants! I think the pockets are really cute, and they’re getting more comfy with each wear. Considering that I’ve worn them at least twice a week since they arrived, they should be perfect very soon.

Next up is something I never expected to buy—a jumpsuit! Yes, the kind that requires undressing fully in order to pee! I’ve always been anti-jumpsuit for this very practical reason, but then I fell in love with the Trashy Diva Hepburn jumpsuit, and now I’ve been turned to the dark side. My long torso, however, means jumpsuits that fit will still be few and far between, so don’t expect to see many more of these in my wardrobe.

In any case, the Chain Gang jumpsuit was on sale for a great price (and there are still two sizes left!), plus US customers get 17% off automatically from the VAT removal, plus there was the 10% Boxing Day discount, so I ended up paying about $48 before shipping. Pretty good considering the full-leg Grease Monkey jumpsuit is £95, or $137.

The Chain Gang has capri-length legs, almost elbow-length short sleeves, buttons up the front, a pair of chest pockets, and a belt. The buttons are sewn on a little loose, and one popped off when I first tried on the suit (as you’ll see in the photos, since I’ve been too lazy to sew it back on yet), but otherwise it’s the same stellar quality I’ve come to expect from this brand.

I purchased the charcoal grey striped option, which is made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. I’m really glad there’s elastane (aka spandex) in this fabric, because it is a little short in the torso on me, and the little bit of stretch means it pulls and bounces back nicely when I reach for something and stretch the length out. I am pretty much obsessed with how cute this suit is, so I have lots of photos, and even threw on a red bandana for a truly Rosie the Riveter look (I also have new glasses and new lipstick, so yay for showing those off too!):








I feel so freaking cute and sassy in this thing! I can’t wait to wear it this spring. Unfortunately, it’s way too cold right now!

I have the sleeves folded up once and the pants folded up twice. The pants are definitely an awkward length on me without folding, but I think they could look good either way, so this just means ladies of different heights can wear it safely:


Now, since this suit has a top half, obviously I have to talk about the fit on my boobs! It has the unusual construction of no underbust or side darts, but has darts leading from the shoulder to the base of the pockets, as well as an inverted pleat on the back. As such, it achieves a blouson shape that’s actually very boob-friendly, especially combined with the fitted waistband. While my long torso means my body pulls the fabric taut, if I yank it up so that the top half isn’t being pulled down, you can see that there is no gaping even with the missing button:



I further appreciate that the tummy and crotch are not super tight. It adds to the comfort and I don’t feel like my belly is being emphasized. However, I do have a couple small complaints: Aside from the torso length being just a touch short on me, it kills me that there are no pockets in the pants. I need pockets! I know there are a pair on the chest, but they’re too small for an iPhone, and who wants to store lumpy things like keys and lip balm on their boobs??

Additionally, since there are no holes or grommets, the belt does not stay tight. It immediately loosens up and almost falls out of the buckle. I’m probably going to use a blank tie tack to pin the end in place to keep it from sliding around.

Still, this suit has really made me think my next Freddie’s purchase should be another one-piece item, like perhaps the Dungaree Dolls. How cute are they??