Like Marit, I ended up with the bright blue Ralph Lauren dress. This nearly fluorescent shade is one of my favorites, and in fact I’ve owned two dresses in this color in the past. I was so tempted to keep this dress even though I had planned on returning it, but knowing that I already culled two similar ones from my collection in the past, I decided to be responsible and send it back.

I measure 38”-29”-43”, height 5’6”, and bra size UK 28GG/30G. I’m reviewing size US 8.

The fit of this dress is really stellar. It’s so flattering on a big bust and on my wide hips. I love that it shows just a touch of décolletage so that it’s work-friendly yet still feminine (dare I say a little sexy). It’s also not too clingy on my tummy and it only just barely shows pantylines with my athletic panties, so shapewear is not necessary (though I might recommend seamless knickers).

I think I would prefer if the cap sleeves were a touch longer to help balance the bust more, but at least there’s no visible side-bra.

The fabric is okay. It’s a stretchy polyester blend that fits well, but to be honest it feels a little swimsuit-like and seems maybe on the cheap side. I’m not really sure what other fabric would be better for this drape, but the price (I paid about $75 on sale) seems just slightly high for swishy polyester jersey.

I also took a few photos while sitting down, and the skirt gets pretty short when seated. I have no fear of sitting on public transportation in this dress, but it makes you realize it may not be appropriate for a more conservative office. I suppose it’s really more of a cocktails or date night garment.

And as always, here are some close-up shots of the bust at different angles with a bonus of the backside:

In terms of fit, I would give this a 10! It’s easy to wear (pulls on with no closure) and universally flattering. It’s a perfect choice if you need a basic Little Black (or blue) Dress with just a bit of design flair. But since my lifestyle doesn’t really call for basic (some might say “classic”) cocktail attire, and since the fabric to me feels a little on the cheap side, I’d drop it down to an 8.