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If I were choosing superlatives for the contents of my lingerie drawer, I would vote Freya Pure “most dependable”. I know it’s going to look good under most everything. I know the straps won’t slip. I know I’m not at risk of showing my bra or having too much cleavage. Most importantly, I know it’s not going to be painful to wear!

This is the Freya Pure in 30HH (UK) (for some reason the Amazon listing doesn’t have the HH cups, but Herroom does!) I have owned the beige for 8 months, and the black for 2 months.

After 6 months of almost daily wear with the beige, straps began to give out (pictured above) and I ordered the black to supplement it. I still wear the beige occasionally, whenever the black would show through my shirts!

Inside views of the A-frame support – the lace trim is so pretty!

For reference, I measure approximately 41″/32″/43″, with a 29″ underbust, and am 5’7″ tall. My breasts are bottom heavy, pendulous, and somewhat close set. I have narrow-ish/sloping shoulders that bra straps tend to slip off of. I’m currently breastfeeding my 3rd child. I did the math recently and I have been breastfeeding for 4+ cumulative years!

This truly is the best nursing bra I have found when it comes to both lift AND comfort. It is also easy to use! I typically dislike A-frames, I find they just get in the way and prefer side slings in my nursing bras. This one isn’t a problem, though it does get out of place sometimes. The center gore doesn’t tack, and I do have some cup spillage on my larger breast during fuller times of day, but this truly doesn’t bother me unless I’m looking at it and wishing it fit better. I can’t really feel it. I had some discomfort with the band for a while, until I discovered I was wearing it (and most of my other bra bands) too tight! I was so paranoid about getting enough support from the band and saving my shoulders, that I fastened it on the tightest hooks, when I really only needed the loosest hooks. Loosening the band has helped immensely.

One major downside of the Freya Pure is the shape. It definitely does not give the best breast shape of any nursing bra I have worn. The profile is very east/west and slightly minimizing, whereas I prefer a more projected and lifted shape (a la Kris Line). I am willing to compromise on the shape for comfort though!

I would say this is slightly less comfortable, but gives an infinitely better shape than my Decent Exposures un-bra. And it is much more comfortable, but with a much worse shape, than my Kris Line Fortuna nursing bra (which I just realized I never reviewed and have since disassembled to use the parts! Oops).

I don’t know if I would be comfortable wearing the Freya Pure while pregnant or immediately postpartum – I can’t stand wires at all during those times. For the just plain nursing phase though, it’s great! If you fall within the size range, I would definitely check it out. It is offered in 30-34 D-HH, 36 D-H, 38 D-GG, and 40D-G (UK sizes).

As always, if you have any nursing bra recommendations, I’m all ears!