I mentioned in my post on the navy polka dot Bravissimo dress that I returned that I bought a dress that made me go “wow”! And when I put this dress on and look at my reflection I still think to myself, “This dress looks good.” When I first bought it, I wished I had discovered it earlier in the summer or even bought the blue or black versions that came out last summer.

It turns out that it’s good I didn’t go crazy and buy the fit and flare broderie dress in all three colors because it tears. And it rips. And it catches a lot. I have worn this dress 6 or 7 times and ripped it twice. I purchased matching thread and was able to fix both rips; however I realize that not everyone has the skills to mend torn broderie. Check out the rips before and after below.

Rip 1: Before & After
Rip 2: Before & After

Aside from the ripping issue, this is a fantastic dress. It’s comfortable in the humid summer heat and long enough for my 5’7 height. For the first time ever in a Bravissimo dress there is a bit of extra room in the bust area on me (you can see me holding the side seams out in the picture below). There is also a fair amount of room in the waist and hips in this dress–however the style and cut of the dress make this flattering.

Bottom line I love this dress but I hate mending it. Here’s hoping Bravissimo brings this style back in a sturdier fabric. This is the first issue I have had with a Bravissimo clothing item and it definitely won’t keep me from shopping there.

I’m wearing the 18 Super Curvy in UK sizing (14 Super Curvy in American sizing) and my measurements are 47-38-45.5.