This dress was a bit of a revelation for me and a different style from what I’m used to wearing. It’s the royal blue version of this month’s Full Bust Feature assignment. Currently on deep discount at Lord and Taylor at the non-affiliated link above.

I tend towards separates or fit and flair dresses and would not have chosen something so fitted on my own. I also would be more likely to choose black over blue, but I really like the color. While it’s short-sleeved, I think it’s classic and season-less and would work well with a jacket or a shawl.

A close view of the ruching at the side

I really like how this dress fits. It’s fitted, but skims nicely over my curves. Like Jen, I didn’t feel like I needed shapewear. This is a size 14 (5’7″ and 42-37-41). It might be a little tight, but I think a larger size would be too big.

The wrinkling at my shoulder on the left is partly the ruching on that side and partly the camera angle.

As great as it is, the dress is going back to the store. It’s just not something that fits into my life right now.