When this email from Cake Maternity hit my inbox last week, I just knew I had to share it with all of my fellow pregnant/nursing mamas out there!

This is such a nice promotion – spend $100 in the month of August and receive reusable nursing pads+liners for free (valued at just over $40). It is easy to hit $100 in your Cake shopping cart; just 2 bras will usually put you at or over $100. They are extremely well-made though, and worth it! Here are my top three picks:

Disclaimer: none of these are affiliate links and I’ve written my own personal opinions about the bras.

1. Lotus Yoga&Pumping Bra

$50, Size S-XL, accommodates up to a G cup

This bra looks phenomenal! The double layered cup splits down the middle, so you can insert a breast pump flange and pump hands-free. And check out the back! So fun and strappy. For a pumping mom, I think this would be a lifesaver.

2. Waffles 3D Underwire Spacer Bra

$65, sizes 30-38 E-K

This is the Cake bra that I would like to try next. I am seriously impressed that the sizing includes a 30 band and goes up to a K cup in all bands! It looks like it would be a comfy t-shirt bra and the spacer foam would hopefully give a nice shape. The raised center front of the band make this look comfy for maternity as well.

3. Tea Non-Wire Nursing Bra

$65, sizes 32-38 E-L, 40 E-J, 42 E-I

Ok, so some of the larger sizes are currently sold out in this bra and awaiting restocking on October 30, 2019. When I was browsing, all of the L cups were out of stock, in addition to 38 J-K, 40 I-J, and 42J.

However, they still have quite a broad range available (hopefully in your size)! I purchased this bra immediately postpartum. Unfortunately the 32 band is too big for my ribcage and it doesn’t work for my body shape, in addition to my cup size stabilizing and being much smaller now. (I never returned it, so if you want to purchase a barely-worn 32L I can hook you up!)

It is a high-quality bra and insanely supportive. The style reminds me of Hotmilk nursing bras, but I would say the Tea bra is made with more supportive materials (thicker elastic, etc). The pink is such a lovely shade and the metal sliders/center decoration are rose gold *swoon*. Yes, you do get a sort of uniboob effect as is typical with non-wired bras, but the shape is nicely rounded and far from the “saggy rocket” of other non-wired bras. I truly wish this worked for me. If you are in the size range, I would definitely try it!

*Bonus Recommendation* Sugar Candy Seamless Nursing Bra

$60, size XS-XXL, accommodates up to a K cup

I reviewed this bra on Hourglassy last month – click here for my full review!

These are my top bra recommendations for larger cup sizes – all of the bras I highlighted are available in at least a G cup. If you are smaller than a G cup, there are many more options on the Cake website for you! They have so many beautiful pieces of maternity and nursing sleepwear as well (gorgeous chemises!). Most can accommodate up to an E/F cup, so it could work for some of you!

Are you going to take advantage of the free gift Cake Maternity is offering? Let me know if you do!