As the Hourglassy team brainstormed monthly Full Bust Feature ideas, one idea was to try Stitch Fix and its new rival, Wantable. Stitch Fix started a couple of years after this blog, and back then I thought their idea was interesting enough to post an affiliate-linked ad on our website, but no one ever clicked it, and I never tried the service myself because I couldn’t imagine the company having the right sizes and styles for women with large breasts.

Fast forward to this recent HBR article about Stitch Fix’s success with big data, and now it seemed like they really might be able to fit us. Here’s how I did with my first order. After the pics, I share observations and screenshots from the process.


When I unpacked this top, I rolled my eyes: “Of COURSE they included dolman sleeves,” I thought. “That’s the default solution for fitting big boobs!” But something about this top works–perhaps because (1) it’s a size large PETITE so it doesn’t engulf me; (2) it’s a dark color; (3) the sleeve length keeps me from looking like a mountain of fabric; and (4) the fabric is soft and flowy. We’ve investigated dolman sleeves before on this blog: here I discover why they’re not always off limits to bigger busts (with great observations from readers in the comments) and Leah confirms her belief that dolmans are off limits to EVERYBODY. 🙂
I love these stretch skinny jeans. They’re Dayna jeans in size 8P from Kut From the Kloth. But they fit perfectly out of the box, which means they would probably be saggy after a couple of wears until I could wash them again. I decided not to exchange for a 6P at this time, but they’re on my radar for the future. At $88, they’re the same price as others on the Kit From the Kloth website.
The brand of the top is Laila Jayde, and it’s their Bowie style. It cost $58 from Stitch Fix. Unfortunately, I don’t see it in a petite size anywhere else. Hmmmm . . . !
The necklace is the Romolo Scarlette beaded layering necklace for $34. Although I’d specified that I prefer gold-tone jewelry, I really like it–not enough to spend $34, but definitely worth it as part of my $20 styling fee. I’m wearing my Empreinte Erin in 32F in these photos.

I love me a good sheath dress. This is the Alhambra dress in LP from the brand Magnolia Grace.

But whoops!! Look at those armholes


If I’d kept this dress, I would wear a bra with a J-hook to avoid showing my straps. (For reference, it cost $74.)

Finally, here’s the dress I loved the most, the Ella jersey maxi dress in 10P from a brand called Wisp for $88.

NO boob bifurcation! And I love the vertical details.
No side bra peeking out!
Not even a need for a J-hook! No need to hem–the print border gets to stay!


Ultimately, everything went back because while each piece looked great, it also looked like something I could find elsewhere for less. Everything was made in developing nations in fabric that was just okay–the kind of thing you see at TJ Maxx and Marshalls all the time. The difference is, now I know what to look for, and that makes the $20 styling fee completely worth it.

Leah agreed–when she took my pictures for this post, she felt they’d gotten my style completely right. My husband liked everything I showed him, but not enough to beg me to keep anything. He summed it up pretty well: “It’s more ‘I have a lot of money, I’ll buy this, too’ kind of stuff.”

However, as we head into fall, I’m very tempted to pay another styling fee to help me figure out how to update my wardrobe. If YOU decide to try it, here’s my referral link–we both get a $25 credit if you make a purchase.


Amazingly, they ask for a bra size that goes up to the equivalent of a British G cup. The band option begins at a 30. I’d be curious to hear about the experience of anyone who wears a UKH cup and higher.

Now that I realize how difficult it is to find their petite offerings elsewhere, I might actually purchase something in my next order. I simply LOVE that they offer petites.

Here’s how you tell them where you want more coverage.

It was so much easier to describe my style by rating these looks. I’m not sure my stylist followed it completely, but I’m happy with the result. Another woman who uses Stitch Fix all the time says it’s very important to give your stylist specific feedback. For instance, they offered to send me the jeans in 6P after I explained my concerns, and I expect future orders to include stretch pants in 6 vs 8.

In my next order, I will switch the frequency of work/business casual and laid-back casual because I’ll be attending more formal networking events. Everything in my first shipment was very fun and flowy. In the upcoming months, I’m looking for clothing that gives me an air of authority without being severe. I want to look approachable and “me”, too!