How fun that we’re celebrating a big-boobed British invasion in time for the 4th of July. Yesterday Bravissimo, the pioneering brand for busty women, opened its doors to shoppers in Manhattan for the very first time, and this morning I was waiting outside when they opened them for the second time.

Frankly, my heart leapt a little bit when I rounded the corner and saw their banner.

I know their website says they might not have everything in their physical store that’s in their catalog, but the good news is that they have most of it. Frankly, I was worried they were going to focus on lingerie to the exclusion of outerwear, but it’s almost all there! According to store manager Mila—who has been with Bravissimo for 13 years and has tons of institutional knowledge –there are only a few items of limited stock that they decided not to bring over.

I was super happy to meet Mila because I wanted to give her a heads up that we’re invading her store this Sunday afternoon, July 7, at 2:30. Are you in New York City that day?? Come join me, Jen, Camille (you met her yesterday), Donna (you’ve met her many times, most recently here) and Katie (you met her in 2014). We are going to try on everything and take tons of pictures. If you can’t make it (we’ll miss you, Leah, Marit & Rosalind!!!), I’m sure we’ll be doing this again.

I’m not actually going to try everything on because this morning I scouted the racks for my favorite full-bust tops and dresses that I’ll be taking into the dressing room with me on Sunday.

What would you like us to try for YOU?

Of course I couldn’t resist trying the denim jacket that I didn’t keep when I visited their Oxford Circus store in 2016 (here’s a more detailed review of it). This time, the US8Curvy fit me perfectly.

The store team is super focused on getting everything right for their American debut, and from what I can tell they have nothing to worry about. Women who wear D cups and up are accustomed to boutiques overlooking them–especially in Soho–and Bravissimo is going all out with a “candy store” mentality for American women with big boobs. Holly, who has been working towards the opening since November, told me they’re all about “the power of choice”. A woman who wears a J cup no longer has to ask, “What do you have in my size?” Instead, Bravissimo simply asks, “What bra would you like to try?”

A selfie with Holly

P.S. If you’ve always dreamed of working for this dream company, they’re still hiring!