Here’s a sneak peek at the Pepperberry denim jacket in 12C (the 10C was sold out when I was there) that I’ll review with the DD Atelier denim jacket in a separate post next week. Spoiler: I love them both.

blog denim jacket with my street clothes

The khaki linen biker jacket was a surprise win! It looked especially good with my street clothes above, but I forgot to take a photo. However, since it’s one of only two pieces that I finally purchased, I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in future posts.

blog linine jacket unzipped

I’m wearing a 12C. Unlike the 12C denim jacket, the armholes didn’t feel too roomy.

I probably won’t wear it fully zipped without major accessorization, but these photos demonstrate that there was no boob smashing going on!

Paris London blog picsThe sleeve measures 24.75″ from shoulder to bottom of cuff. My arm measures 22″ from my shoulder to the base of my thumb (one inch below my wrist bone).

big bust biker jacket sleeve length comparisonSo unless my amazing seamstress is willing to move the cuff and zipper up for a reasonable price, this fabulous detail will be wasted on me.

blog linen jacket zipper cuff detail

I really wanted to like the navy textured jacket. It made big difference proportionally on me to size down from the 12RC on the left to the 10SC on the right. And you should see the lining! This jacket is practically reversible! If you’re in the market for an interview jacket, this could be a good one–as long as you add a collared shirt or dress to give yourself some authority.pepperberry textured jacket for big boobsSpeaking of collars, Pepperberry’s white button front shirts have VASTLY improved from the shirts I ordered eight years ago: MUCH nicer fabric, the buttons go all the way to the collar stand, and there’s a shirt tail hem. I’m wearing a 12C.

blog 12C white shirt front

blog 12C white shirt side

I really liked it with the black quilted zip jacket. This jacket is very layerable. If the fabric weren’t a little too washed out, it would be super versatile for dressier settings.

blog black zip jacket

blog black zip jacket white shirt

Here’s the other piece I brought home with me: the rose pink embellished strappy top in 34FF because I found the 32F to be too snug in the band and too small in the cups.

blog pink strappy 34FF

I also would have liked to buy the lace trim strappy top in either white or navy, but the neckline in this style seemed strangely loose.

blog blue strappy gappy 34FF

Here are the rest of the tops that I tried.

Bardot textured top in 10C/RC. Interesting!

blog garbo top front


blog garbo top side

Lace back top in 14CR because I found the 12CR to be too clingy. I love the colors in this top.

blog 12C coral floral top


blog 12C coral floral back

Rhea top in 12CR. I can’t believe DH didn’t beg me to keep this one.

blog gingko 12CRC


blog gingko side

Libby lace top in 10R/SC. Meh.

blog lace coral top

Breton T-shirt. Loved it, but the closest size available was 12RS, which meant empty pockets of air near the bust darts.

blog stripe tee front

blog stripe tee side


blog stripe tee too much bust space

Finally, how could I resist trying the sleepwear? Here is the aqua PJ cami top in 32F/G.

blog aqua front


blog aqua side 32FG

And here is the coral pink nightdress in 34F/G–perfectly comfortable after sizing up from the too snug 32F/G. I really wanted to keep this one.

blog 34FG peach chemise front


blog 34GF chemise side

The Pepperberry store looks deceptively small, but there were a TON of pieces that I didn’t even get to. Maybe the next time I try their clothes, it’ll be at “A Pepperberry in America”!