There was only one item on my must-try list when I planned my trip to Pepperberry: the denim jacket. I’ve wanted one forever (especially since trying Olga’s clearance jacket in September), and it would have been perfect to have for my entire trip. In the countdown to my departure, I wondered, “Is it really necessary to buy a denim jacket made specifically for a big bust?” Yes, it is. I made last-minute trips to the Gap and several other stores, but none of the jackets would button over my boobs without smashing them, and I couldn’t bring myself to size up to an XL just to accommodate my chest.

As you can see, neither the Pepperberry jacket on the left, nor the DD Atelier jacket on the right, smashed my big bust when buttoned.

big bust denim jackets no smashingThe Pepperberry Denim Jacket

I have never owned a denim jacket before, and when I put the Pepperberry jacket on, I didn’t want to take it off. A jean jacket immediately changes the tone of the rest of the outfit–making it more casual or edgier, depending on how you accessorize it. In my case, because I look better in blues, it also brightens my face when I’m wearing black or white as a base.

I assumed I would need a 12 Curvy in order to have enough room for sweaters, but the 12 Curvy felt a little too spacious under the armhole. Sadly, the 10 Curvy was already completely sold out at that point, so I couldn’t compare.

big bust jean jacket pepperberry roomy armhole

I also wondered if the 10 Curvy would have been more streamlined down my back.

big bust jean jacket pepperberry side

However, I knew that neither of these issues would matter to me in the long run because I love the overall effect of a jacket that fits. When it’s unbuttoned, you can tell it’s a choice instead of a necessity!

big bust jean jacket pepperberry 2

And of course I have to roll up the cuffs.

big bust pepperberry jean jacket rolled sleeves

The fabric has just the weight I would expect from a jean jacket, but the interior was entirely unexpected. Take a look at these completely finished seams! They make rolling the cuffs a pleasure.

big bust jean jacket pepperberry interior

The DD Atelier Denim Jacket

As much as I adored the Pepperberry jacket, our budget only allowed me to keep two pieces from my shopping trip, and I knew that DD Atelier had just shipped a review sample of their new denim jacket in size 80D to me. It felt risky returning the Pepperberry jacket without having tried the DD Atelier, but the risk turned out to be worth it.

As you can see, DD Atelier has stayed true to its fitted aesthetic with this jacket. There’s definitely no boxiness here.

big bust denim jacket dd atelier not blocky

The many snaps contribute to the close fit. Even with such a close fit, however, it feels spacious. I had been nervous about ordering a jacket in my regular DD Atelier dress size, but it turned out to just right. The 1% stretch probably helps.

big bust denim jacket dd atelier 3 quarter

The seam finishing is exactly what I would expect to find in a denim jacket, but the floral facing was a fun surprise. The fabric feels slightly lighter than the Pepperberry fabric, but it’s still solid.

big bust denim jacket dd atelier interior

I like that both brands include the traditional features of a jean jacket. However, neither included pockets at the hips. I’d happily trade the chest pockets for hip pockets!

big bust denim jacket dd atelier tab detail

This is how I would have worn the jacket if I’d had it with me in Paris. (I roll up the cuffs just once.)

big bust denim jacket dd atelier with white shirt scarf

I also tried it with the DD Atelier Scotland dress, which I’ve wanted to do since a reader made the suggestion in April.

big bust denim jacket dd atelier with dress front

My seamstress said it wouldn’t be too hard to shorten, which I’m considering. I’d keep the band at the bottom but raise it. What do you think?

big bust denim jacket dd atelier shorten question

big bust denim jacket dd atelier shorten question 2

DD Atelier Collarless Denim Jacket

This is what DD Atelier’s collarless option in 80D looks like on me.

big bust denim jacket dd atelier collarless 3 quarter

big bust denim jacket dd atelier collarless buttoned

Isn’t it wonderful to have these amazing options available to us? It would also be wonderful if jackets like these could be permanently in stock for busty women, but given how quickly the Pepperberry size 10 Curvy and size 14 Curvy have sold out, I wouldn’t want to risk it.