I’m thrilled that ASOS has developed a Fuller Bust line. It’s hard to find affordable clothing for larger busts. Both Darlene and Jennifer (here and here) have reviewed pieces, and I’ve been looking for a new black tank top, so I thought I’d give them a try as well. This is not a sponsored post, the opinions are my own, and there are affiliate links.

ASOS DESIGN Fuller Bust Eco Swing Cami with double layer in black, white, blush, and a two-pack.

The Eco Swing Cami is made of a lightweight woven polyester crepe made entirely of recycled plastic. It’s fairly opaque and fully lined for extra coverage. The fabric feels comfortable and flows nicely. There’s a slight chemical smell that will probably air-out. It has a deep v-neckline at the front and back, darts at the bust, an A-line shape, and adjustable spaghetti straps. ASOS’s Fit Assistant put me into a size US 12, but my typical dress size is a US 14, so I ordered both in the Fuller Bust and the standard size styles so I could compare. ASOS US offers free shipping and returns. Spoiler: I never even tried-on the size 14s.

The Fuller Bust size 12 is a reasonably good fit, but roomy: I can pinch over an inch of fabric on both sides at the bust, and there was a diagonal drape line from the bust to the edge of the hem that disappeared when I pinched-in the sides. I might be able to size down to a 10: there’s a 2.5″ difference between the 12 and 14 at the base of the dart, and I’d assume a same difference between the 10 and 12. The coverage was ok: my bra was fully covered on the sides and just covered in the front: the bottom of the V was a tiny bit taller than my bra. I wonder if a 10 would provide good bra coverage and if it would be tough to find a bra that works with this cami. The standard-sized cami was a better fit overall but did not fully cover my bra under the arms. The standard cami had a little bit of a bubble-shape just under the breasts, but had a nicer flow around the waist.

It’s really hard to tell the difference between the Fuller Bust and the standard styles from a picture. The Fuller Bust style is on the left.

The darts give the cami top a more refined fit, but it does then limit how you can adjust the fit to your own body. I’ve decided to return it because it rides too low for my taste. I’d prefer it to be about an inch higher.