Have you tried ASOS fuller bust clothing yet? When I discovered that this shirt dress and this sundress promised to fit a large chest, I had to order them. This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

They met my very low expectations when they arrived–the fabric is stiff, the fit isn’t perfect–but something happened when I put them on again to take photos for this post. I discovered that, despite their flaws, I liked them enough to keep them! At less than $60 for both (on sale and including super fast international shipping), it’s going to be a can’t-lose-cost-per-wear when the weather starts getting super hot.

According to the ASOS size chart, a size 12 should be just right for me (waist 33.5″ and bust 41″). My first impression of the white shirt dress was that there was not quite enough room at the chest, and almost too much room everywhere else. A common complaint for us busty women, right?

But then I rolled up the sleeves, and everything became more proportional.

There’s still pulling across the armholes and bust when I lift my arms, but I’ve decided it’s a livable trade-off for such a crisp summer look.

I’m also thinking the extra room in back will be comfortable in the hot weather. However, there is no way I can get away without at least a half slip.

The red (more rust) dress is the opposite story. I’m swimming in extra fabric at the side seams.

I haven’t asked my tailor about fixing it yet, but here’s what I think it will look like once we take it in. I’m wearing my Tutti Rouge Alexa with the straps down because I discovered I don’t own a strapless bra!

Here it is with the bra fitting correctly because I’m wearing it correctly. However, for all my “I don’t care, let them see straps” attitude, I think this dress looks way better without.

It’s great that the straps are adjustable.

Already most of the sizes in these dresses are sold out, which I think bodes well for awareness of the need for bust-friendly fashion. However, even though most of these big bust dress sizes are gone, based on my experience with the two styles in this post, I think it’s worth taking a look at ASOS’s other fuller bust options. Let us know what you try and how it works for you!