If you’ve been following our Instagram account, you know I’ve been on vacation in Belize. I was proud of myself for getting last week’s ASOS review ready before we left New York, but I had no idea what I was going to post this week. Then serendipity intervened!

All the Belize packing blogs say to go light because it’s super hot. I wanted a simple sundress that I could wear anywhere and everywhere, but I didn’t have anything. As I tried on my new swimsuits for our review series coming up in May, I saw my Bolero maxi out of the corner of my eye, tried it on, and fell in love all over again—when I held up the hem to just below knee-length.

We were stopping for two nights in Sunrise, Florida, to visit my mother-in-law in her nursing home before catching our flight to Belize (if you love traveling internationally and haven’t heard of Scottscheapflights.com, you need to sign up NOW). Sunrise happens to be the SAME TOWN WHERE PATRICIA FROM BOLERO lives! She was waaaay too busy to hem my original dress (yes, I actually asked her), but she had just enough time to drop off not one, but TWO, dresses for me in the nursing home parking lot. So of course I’m writing not one, but TWO, reviews as I sit on a palapa here in the Caribbean.

(I’m wearing the Bravissimo top I scored at our last clothing swap.)

Today I’m starting with the original sleeveless DD+ dress, which, except for its length and print, is identical to the maxi I described in great detail four years ago, and it’s even more versatile. I first wore it over my new Ottawa bikini set from Fantasie (affiliate link–review coming in May) as we drove from Rock Farm bird rescue to catch our boat to Glover’s Reef. We made a quick stop for a swim at St. Herman’s Blue hole, where it was easy to pull off my dress once we got to the swimming hole and to drip dry in it once we left. When we got to the boat, I layered my Campbell & Kate shirt over it for protection from sunburn and wind.

Here on Glover’s Reef, it’s the item I want to wear the most. I slip it on over a swimsuit to go to breakfast, exchange it for something with more sun protection when I’m ready for snorkeling (my Rock Cotton tunic has been perfect for this) and slip it back on after a shower. Next day I do the same thing all over again!

I currently measure 33″ at the waist and 41″ at the bust and am wearing a size M dress in these photos. There is PLENTY of room for a larger bust size than my 34G.