My most profuse apologies!!! I hit “publish” on this post from my phone on September 29, but I just saw today that it was still labeled “draft”. And I was so proud of myself for squeezing this post in during my whirlwind trip to Atlanta. I wore this on my flight to AND from Atlanta, and when I got home, I slept in it AND wore it one more day after that. It is so soft that I just didn’t want to take it off. With so much wear, the fit is more relaxed around my thighs, but it hasn’t lost its shape.

You already know how much I love my tie-dye Rock Cotton tunic (Leah, not so much). I wear it on flights and to the beach, church, shopping, and dinner. Even though I have no business wearing black or gray, I always get compliments in it.

Since the same company is also responsible for creating my favorite at-home braless lounge top, the Bra:30 (also reviewed by Leah), I make sure to stop by their booth at every Curve. Last month I discovered a rack full of new Rock Cotton colors and shamelessly hinted that I would love to review one. I was thrilled when the rep took my hint and let me choose one.

 I planned to write about it immediately, but I discovered a big difference between the brand new garment and my well-worn one: it was tighter across my hips than I expected. This is fine for a beach cover-up where you can let it stretch out while making sand castles, but I had wanted to wear it to church.

It’s also fine if you want to wear it in the two other ways that the designer intended: scrunched at the hips or blousoned from the waist.

Fast forward to the last two and a half weeks where I have inexplicably lost a couple of pounds while tromping around the city in my walking boot and haven’t been able to go to the YMCA. I went to bed at 3:00 am yesterday morning and had to get up four hours later to catch a flight. I had no idea what to wear to the airport. All I wanted was something comfortable that wouldn’t make me look hideous.

That’s when I saw my forgotten Rock Cotton tunic draped over my shoe rack. I dug out my leggings, added a necklace and looked like I was wearing an outfit I’d carefully planned!

It still pulls across the crotch area and doesn’t hide my pooch, but the color, comfort and polish make me not even care. You’ll be seeing more of this piece in the future–hopefully styled by my friend Christine!