We’re at a family reunion in Florida this week. After preparing for our fun clothing swap last Saturday (more on that when my photographer sends the pictures), this trip is a welcome vacation.

Today I’m simply going to take a break from the pool long enough to tell you about the Rock Cotton tunic that I’m wearing right now. PJ Harlow included it in their shipment with my beloved B Saxxy. I wore the tunic yesterday and today as a swimsuit coverup, including shopping this afternoon. On Sunday I wore it with leggings for our flight from New York. Together with my chunky red necklace, it made me look polished and alert even though I felt exhausted.

Two features make this a perfect transitional piece between climates (and seasons). The 95% cotton keeps it from being too hot here in Florida, but the long sleeves give a little more coverage when the temperature dips (or you’re running back to the condo from the lazy river in the driving rain as I did yesterday with my niece and nephew). I’m going to experiment with accessorizing and layering this tunic some more when I return to New York’s cooler weather, and I’ll share the results with you here.

But it wasn’t the cotton content or sleeve length that captured my interest when I first discovered this tunic. I was reading up on new brands ahead of Curve, and I was attracted to the batwing sleeves of the Rock Cotton tunic. We all know that generous sleeves can mean generous bust room, and that’s exactly what this tunic offers.

I used to think that voluminous sleeves automatically made a busty woman’s top half look even larger, and I still think it’s a real possibility. In this case, the narrow bottom of the Rock Cotton tunic and the lighter shading over my chest certainly contribute to an inverted triangle look on me. It doesn’t matter, though, because I find I get very positive feedback on my appearance when I wear this top. It’s making me want to experiment with more looks that I don’t usually gravitate toward!

On the Rock Cotton website, this tunic retails for $98 and comes in a variety of colors. Each tunic also comes with a necklace with a rock in a color that matches it. I thought this just a gimmicky touch until I actually tried the onyx stone that came with my own tunic and loved the look!

I have a 31″ waist and 39″ bust and am wearing a size medium. There’s plenty of room for a much larger bust than mine.