It’s time for Fit & Active October, and it couldn’t come soon enough. My enthusiasm for exercise has been dwindling, and last night on the way back to our condo (after a platter of fried seafood), we passed the “hot” sign at Krispy Kreme. Of course we U-turned and bought a dozen.

krispy kreme

I’m counting on Fit & Active October 2015 to get me back to the level of fitness that I enjoyed after Fit & Active October 2014. It’s time to make an appointment with my nutritionist for help combating the twin enemies of healthy eating: boredom and hunger. Also, sports bra review samples are on their way–just what I need to feel excited about going to the gym again.

However, two more Krispy Kremes for breakfast means October 1 wasn’t the fresh start I promised myself. But I did make it to the weight room. And tomorrow I plan to power walk on the beach.


Leah hurt her back this week, so her start to Fit & Active October is also delayed. Mia is busy with kids, work and training for the NYC marathon in November. I’m really hoping she’ll be able to squeeze in a post about the experience.