I tried a new online store for my spring/summer wardrobe – Bust Boutique. This online store is in Australia and stocks fun bust friendly fashion that is also reasonably priced. Please note that I purchased the clothing myself and everything is a size XL.

Only recently was it really warm enough to wear my new striped t-shirt dress and grey tank and skirt set. I bought these to wear on the weekends as I wanted more fun clothing than my work dresses (mostly Bravissimo/Pepperberry eBay finds).

I like this t-shirt dress and it fits well. I did have to do four tacking stitches above the knot at the front bottom hem. Without the added stitches the fabric above the knot puffed out and looked funny. I’m finding that I am not reaching for this dress as much as I thought I would but this is due more to my tastes in clothing changing than anything wrong with the dress itself.

This year for my spring/summer wardrobe I decided to try skirts. This grey skirt and tank combo appealed to me as being fun with the longer skirt offering more coverage. I find that am wearing the skirt more often with a black t-shirt tied at the waist than wearing it with the matching tank. Again, this is more that I’m not wearing clothes that show a lot of skin as I did when I lived in Los Angeles.

Both outfits are knits – a natural choice for full bust fashion. However, these outfits fit much better than knits normally do. Generally, for a knit dress to fit my bottom half the top half of the dress would be straining against my chest and tight on my back. Both outfits fit both my top and bottom halves.

There was an initial problem with the website not allowing shipping to the USA as an option. However, the owner, Alisha fixed this and responded to my email crazy quick (and on the weekend). I did receive free shipping for purchasing over $150 AUD. The package arrived with some chocolate from down-under and a hand-written note. I’m looking forward to Alisha’s designs when her label, Alisha Maraki, launches later this summer.