Aubade has been offering bras up to a G cup since 2016, but if you only equate their G with the shallow versions you’ve tried from French brands like Chantelle and Simone Perele, you may miss out on some dream styles for larger busts. Aubade’s G cup is as deep as Empreinte’s, which is to say pretty much the same as a British G.

Recently Aubade gifted me with two bras from their collection (all opinions are my own), and I couldn’t resist the pretty minimalism of the Nudessence comfort full cup and comfort half cup in 32G (these are affiliate links, and clicking on them could result in commissions to Hourglassy). My measurements are currently 32″ around my rib cage and 40.5″ around my bust. In a previous post, I explained that Aubade bras that extend to a G cup are labeled “comfort”, and I described the differences from their other styles.

Magically, both the full cup and half cup are composed of a single layer of tulle, and each has Aubade’s iconic ribbon lattice ascending between the two cups.


As you would expect, the shape when wearing these bras is completely different. The 3-part cup creates your average nice French shape, and the 2-part cup creates Two Perfectly Orbed Cakes on a Plate when viewed from the front, and a slightly “smashed” profile from the side because of the difference in seaming. It’s actually a bit minimizing as a result.


This also has ramifications for fit. My full breasts settle peacefully into the 3-part cups, but they sometimes bubble above the 2-part cups (there is very little stretch along the edge). When this happens, I simply shake myself into the cups a little more, and everything settles in. With my close-set breasts, it also means the center gore of the half cup bra comes out from my sternum by a half centimeter. I’ve worn the bras several times now and am still on the loosest hook.


These are put-them-on-and-forget-you’re-wearing-them bras. One detail I LOVE is the wide, pillow-y straps with their satin sheen that makes them luxurious rather than industrial. After the sliders, the straps become elastic.


I wear these bras every chance I get. Yes, the seams show under tee shirts, but that doesn’t stop me. I even wear them under black because wearing these ultra-sheer bras is essentially like being in my own skin (probably why they’re called Nudessence!). The only thing I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them under is solid white.

Let me know if you have any questions that I haven’t answered in my review. And if you have your own experiences with Aubade comfort styles, please let us know!