Now that Aubade goes up to a G cup, their booth is on my must-see list at Curve, and this polka dot and tulle confection that is the Extrait de Flirt was my hands down favorite at February’s show.

aubade extrait de flirt full

aubade extrait de flirt center detail

aubade extrait de flirt strap detail

aubade extrait de flirt dot edge

Aubade bras that go to a G cup are distinguished by the label “comfort half cup” and “comfort full cup”. A representative explained that the “comfort” comes from a leotard back for greater support (their other bras have camisole backs), and the way the half cup bras angle up slightly up from the center to the outside of the cup instead of beginning and ending at the same level. In her Aubade write-up last August, Wen from Comics Girls Need Bras also pointed out that the “comfort” bras have wider straps and bands.

Wen also spent more time distinguishing the full and half cups from each other, which is important because certain styles for G cups only come in a full cup, and the Extrait de Flirt is one of them. This means you can’t find the half cup that you see below in a G cup, but do we really care when the full cup has all the same delectable details?

aubade extrait de flirt compare with half

aubade extrait de flirt model
The “traditional” Aubade half cup where the edge does not angle up from the center to the outside wire.

There is only one reason that I care, and it’s that I can’t find an Aubade comfort full cup  bra anywhere online or in a brick and mortar store in New York City. Currently the Bahia comfort half cup fits me perfectly in a 34G, but I can’t provide feedback on the brand’s full cup fit.

Divin Bouquet is a SS17 style that comes in both comfort half and full cups, and in tea and chocolate brown colors. Here you can see the slight angle across the top of the comfort half cup.

aubade divin bouquet half detail

aubade divin bouquet half cup 1

Here is a close up of top panel of the comfort full cup.

aubade divin bouquet full detail

aubade divin bouquet full cup 1

Here is the “traditional” half cup in chocolate.

aubade divin bouquet half model

Another style, the Fleurs de Plaisir, only comes in the comfort full cup.

aubade fleurs de plaisir full closeup

aubade fleurs de plaisir center gore

I love the bow detail where the leotard back connects with the straps!

aubade fleurs de plaisir leotard back detail

The Fleurs de Plaisir also comes in a new comfort triangle cup that goes to an F.

aubade fleurs de plaisir triangle comfort to f

aubaude comfort triangle fleurs de plaisir

Finally, Nudessence is a completely transparent mesh that is new to Aubade and comes in comfort half and full cups. Both styles use only a single layer of tulle that, while slightly stretchy, retains its stretch.

aubade nudescence aubade nudessence on model form

I have to admit that sometimes I feel jaded by bras because I see so many pretty ones–until I stumble across something so exquisite that I return to my state of hypnotized fascination. This happened to me in early February when I stopped by Rigby & Peller’s flagship store in Manhattan. I saw a black version of the Aubade à l’Amour hanging from the rack, and I wanted to capture all the details to share with you. If only I’d remembered that Wen had already captured it in a lighter color last August!

aubade a lamoure half nacre

My re-encounter with Aubade is what motivated me to plan tomorrow’s Bras & Brunch event, so I am delighted that they are going to be part of it. If you’re in New York tomorrow, come give in to your lingerie addiction with me!