Lion’s Lair is at the top of my list of most respected bra fitters, so when they wrote this on Facebook, I took notice:

Montelle Chemises offer amazing support for all cup sizes!

Through a happy coincidence, I met a Montelle rep a few weeks later. When I told her that I wanted to update my recent roundup to include Montelle, she offered to send me a review sample. All opinions in this post are my own.

I told her that I wear a UK32G, my waist measures 33″ and my bust 40.5″. The Montelle sizing experts recommended a size L in the Lace-Trim Full Support Chemise (style #9394). It comes in 18 colors, and I love the “pearly sea” they sent me. The fabric is a super soft 85% nylon and 15% spandex.


This isn’t a chemise I would answer the doorbell in–the cleavage is generous and some areola can be visible through the lace. When I first slept in it, I was sure my large breasts would escape their allocated space, so it was a complete surprise when I got up the next morning and did NOT have to scoop myself back in!!! Yes, there’s some shifting when I lie on my side, but there’s no shifting out of the nightgown. As soon as I sat up, everything went back to its place.


Basically there is no lift–because there’s no underwire. But what I love is that there is no east-west splaying either! The double panel of fabric around the back and in the cup area, plus the layer of stretch mesh beneath the lace, helps keep everything centered. Although it’s called a “full support chemise”, support is relative when it comes to sleepwear. If I run down the stairs, I’m going to bounce in it, but not as much as if I run down the stairs braless under a sleep shirt.

The yellow line traces the seam down the side of the bodice. I’m impressed that it isn’t buckling forward! (We’ve all had this happen in tee shirts and dresses that weren’t made with big boobs in mind.)


I was a little skeptical when they put me in a size L, but I’m happy to report that sizing up to fit my 32G bust doesn’t cause it to be baggy everywhere else. The L really feels right on me. However, Lion’s Lair owner Kim Berger wears a 32GG and size 10 pants and feels completely comfortable in a size M.

This closeup shows that the top of the band beneath my bust just barely creeps into bust territory. I’m very happy with the complete lack of boob bifurcation. How refreshing to have enough room for a large chest!

If you’re looking for a pretty little nightgown with a lot of room for a large chest, I recommend the Montelle full support chemise. Lion’s Lair currently carries it in Black, Aruba, Santorini, and Dragonfruit, and you’ll get $10 off your order when you use code #Hourglassy!