Since Montelle also owns the Fleur’t label, I was thrilled when their rep generously included the Fleur’t Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Chemise in her shipment to me. (All opinions are my own. Clicking on the link in this post may result in payments to Hourglassy.)

You know I’m partial to chemises, and I’m especially partial to the Bell Epoque. I’ve longingly handled its super soft fabric ( 94% Micromodal/6% Spandex) in multiple lingerie stores, but I’ve always been too unsure of its compatibility with a fuller bust to commit. If you’ve ever wondered whether Fleur’t will work for your large chest, read on.

Favorite Features

First hooray: front and centered boobs vs. east-west splay! Second hooray: the beautiful lace cups have a knit fabric base that prevents any show through. I’d almost answer the doorbell in this! Third hooray: I don’t spill out of the cups when I’m sleeping.

There are full-bust-friendly princess seams down the lace of each cup. However, the knit fabric itself doesn’t have princess seams, which may explain the fit that I describe below.

I love how the lace continues over my shoulders to the back.

The firm stretch lace in back probably helps with the support in front.

Another detail that I appreciate: the empire seam stays parallel to the ground from front to back rather than dipping in front from the weight of my big chest.


I currently wear 32FF/G bras, and this chemise is a size large. The cups aren’t as deep as the Montelle full support chemise–borrowing from sports bra terminology, the Montelle encapsulates and the Fleur’t compresses. When I first tried the Belle Epoque, it felt very boob-smashing, but the more I’ve worn it, the more it’s stretched and accommodated my large breasts. However, I think I’m at the maximum cup allowance for a 32 band in this chemise. While I don’t spill out of it in bed, after sitting and working on my couch for an hour and standing up, I notice that the elastic “band” has crept an inch up my breasts. This is easily remedied by readjusting everything, and the compression holds me back in.


Boob weight is another reason that I think I’m at the high end of the spectrum for fitting this chemise. Basically, there’s a trade off for gorgeous stretchy lace straps without a wide bra band, and that trade off is support. Without a firm band, I’m very aware that most of the support comes from the straps because of the pressure on my shoulders. It’s not painful, but it’s there. Is it enough to stop me wearing it? NO!!!! But if I had larger, heavier breasts, it may be.