This was my second order from ASOS. The company is doing a lot of great things with their fuller bust line. Unfortunately, I have yet to keep anything from my ASOS orders. [Note: This post contains affiliate links.]
I’m reviewing the fuller bust mini cami slip dress. I really wanted this dress to work mostly because I was a teenager in the 90s when slip dresses originally had their moment. Above is me wearing the dress with a bra in the left picture and my Cosabella bralette in the right picture.
I seriously contemplated keeping this dress but I felt it was too big around the waist and kind of shapeless on me. On the other hand, the dress does manage to fit in both the bust and the hips and the length is ok.
It’s easier and cheaper to manufacture a dress without fastenings so perhaps that is the theory around the loose waist? As you can see I styled the dress multiple ways in an effort to make it work. My measurements in these pics are 47-38-45.5 and I’m 5’7. I sent the slip dress back – maybe my third ASOS order will work out better?