My winter wardrobe capsule was a success. It started as 15 items plus 5 jackets/ cardigans and ended as 18 items. I definitely seem to fall into an end of season “I have nothing to wear” mood where I crave new things. I managed to find three new pieces from the winter clearance sale at Talbots (all in size large) that will be wearable next winter to satisfy this craving.

I wasn’t sure if it would I be able to wear dresses all winter but I made it work thanks to sweater tights from H&M. My uniform since mid-October has been dress + tights + boots and maybe a cardigan or jacket.

Below are the eight dresses that I wore this winter:

Black Dress w/Gold Side Zips (Bravissimo)

Black Flutter Hem T-Shirt Dress (White House Black Market)

Black/White Long-Sleeved Dot Dress (Loft)

Red Empire Waist Jersey Dress (Pepperberry – eBay)

Black V-Neck Dress (Pepperberrry – eBay)

White/Black Chevron Dress (Bravissimo – eBay)

Navy Gathered Dress (H&M)

Navy Sweater Dress (Talbots)

The black dress with side zips, red empire waist dress and black v-neck dress were the winners. I reached for most of these weekly.

The black flutter hem dress got a fair amount of wear as did the white/black chevron dress. I’m not in love with the white/black chevron dress and it needs a new home (I’m holding on to it in hopes of a busty clothing swap at some point in 2019). This dress wasn’t my style and the v-neck seemed to inch down as the day wore on. I took to wearing it with the cropped sweater to keep my chest covered at work. I’m planning to wear the black flutter hem dress in the Spring/Summer since it is short-sleeved.

I got so many compliments wearing the black/white long-sleeved dot dress but it just never really felt like me. I’m going to be donating it at the end of the winter. The navy gathered dress from H&M I really like, however I just didn’t wear it (not pictured). I’m going to hold onto it for next winter. My clearance rack sweater dress find from Talbots has become a favorite and this dress is definitely coming back next year.

I had three different bottoms:

Black Button Front Jeans (H&M)

Black Pencil Skirt (T Tahari)

Blue Denim (H&M)

I like the black button front jeans from H&M. I wore them 2 to 3 times a month and as much as I enjoy dresses I realize that I do need to own some pants. I ended up recycling the black pencil skirt. The zipper was broken and I didn’t feel it was flattering on my stomach. The blue denim jeans are also going (not pictured). They fit around the waist but are loose in the lower rear area and thighs.

I had six tops for my winter capsule:

Denim Shirt (Bravissimo)

Black Long Sleeve Wrap Top (Urkye)

Burgundy Long Sleeve Wrap Top (Urkye)

Black Cashmere Sweater (Talbots – Donated)

Cream Blouse (Monoprix – Donated)

Red Cowl Turtleneck (Talbots)

Apres Ski Sweater (Talbots)

The denim shirt from Bravissimo continues to be a favorite. I didn’t wear the wrap tops from Urkye as much I thought I would. The black one is from last year and the burgundy one I purchased new this year. I’m going to hold onto them both for next winter.

The cream blouse I wore under dresses or my black cashmere sweater. I ended up getting rid of the blouse as it just wasn’t comfortable. The black cashmere sweater also didn’t make it through the winter. It was about 4 years old and I was wearing it when I got laid off from my job in 2017 (it was a job I loved) and I just couldn’t shake that every time I wore it. I’m enjoying my two new Talbots sweaters immensely. And I love the Apres Ski sweater!

I had five cardigans/jackets.

Black Cropped Cardigan (Bravissimo)

Tan Plaid Blazer (Pepperberry – eBay)

Cream Cashmere Belted Sweater (Tommy Hilfiger – eBay)

Black Open Cardigan (Monoprix)

Denim Jacket (Pepperberry – eBay)

You know about the jackets from my last post. In addition to my denim jacket and tan plaid blazer I also had three cardigan sweaters. Two black ones and one cream cashmere belted sweater. I don’t wear the black open cardigan much as I don’t find it super flattering. But it’s useful to own and throw on when I am cold. I didn’t wear the belted cream cardigan as much I thought I would but I’m keeping it and it goes well with a dress I will be wearing this Spring/Summer. The black cropped cardigan I wore a fair amount and it is going to carry over into the next season as well.

Not as exciting as new clothing but I did a total sock drawer reset in late January and my feet are happier not wearing worn out wool socks and anklets that kept slipping under my heel. My go to winter boot socks are wool and from LL Bean. Not cheap but the ones I turned in for recycling in January lasted 5 winters and they are made in the USA.

Another functional purpose was these high waisted cotton Bali panties. They stay put and give a smooth line under dresses (in size 9).

I’m looking forward to packing my dresses in my bottom dresser drawer and pulling out my Spring/Summer ones!