Late last fall I decided to try incorporating something new into my winter wardrobe – jackets and blazers. I purchased three Pepperberry brand (the previous name for Bravissimo clothing) on eBay. I bought a camel plaid blazer, a navy jacket and a denim jacket.

The most worn of the three so far is the camel tan plaid blazer. I wear this with jeans and dresses. My main issue is that the eBay description listed it as 18 Super Curvy and it arrived as 18 Really Curvy (in UK sizing). The blazer definitely pulls at the top button when I button it and I really could have used the Super Curvy fit. One great thing about this jacket is the many compliments I got on the color – I’m definitely looking to add more camel colored clothing to my wardrobe.

I also bought a denim jacket in 18 Super Curvy. This jacket is available in multiple colors on the Bravissimo website. I find the fit to be bigger than an 18 Super Curvy normally is – however the jacket is also a Pepperberry branded jacket and the new Bravissimo denim jackets might fit differently. This jacket is fun. I’ve worn it with dresses and my black work-out pants one sunny warmish day. However, I’m not in love with this jacket and it fulfills kind of the same purpose as my much loved Bravissimo denim shirt. I’m going to keep it through spring and see if it grows on me.

I had a jean jacket that I absolutely loved that was cropped from Forever 21 + that didn’t actually button across my chest. This jacket probably wouldn’t fit me now but I loved it (it got lost – so sad!). I am high waisted and the cropped denim jacket was definitely more my style.

The third jacket didn’t fit. It’s 16 Really/Super Curvy in UK sizing. Even if it did fit I don’t like the style. The jacket is much shorter and dressier than I thought it would be. I bought this blazer new without tags and now I am re-selling it on eBay.

I’m not sure if jackets & blazers are a look I will bring back for next year – but if I was committed to wearing jackets and blazers I would buy this one from the Australian company Bust Boutique. It’s on trend and I love how it looks on the model.

In these pictures my measurements are 48-39-45.5 and I’m 5’7.

Do any of you love wearing jackets and blazers?