It’s rare that a new DD+ brand shows up at the Curve Expo, but this season was different. At the fall/winter 2019 show, we got to sit down with Polish brand Ewa Bien and explore their current spring/summer collection as well as the upcoming fall/winter offerings.

Ewa Bien has been around for 30 years, but this was their first visit to Curve. They’re currently sold in the Manhattan shop La Petite Coquette, though they don’t carry the larger cups. It can also be ordered direct from Poland at and some European retailers including and

Ewa Bien uses European sizing, which is single letters that don’t skip vowels. The bra styles that cater to full-bust sizes are “soft” (models B103 and B104), “soft longline” (P104), “semi-soft” (B150), and “semi-soft longline” (P150).

All the bands go from 30/65 to 42/95. Models B103, B104, and P104 go up to 30M (UK 30J) and 42G (UK 42F). 104 has slightly more coverage than 103. Models B150 and P150 go from 30K (UK 30H) up to 42F (UK 42E). So overall, this will not be a brand for large band-large cup, but would be good for small and mid-size bands combined with large cup. Prices are in the range of the upper 50s to 60s (in euros), which is about $65-$75, so comparable to other full-cup brands.

Semi-soft B150 on top, soft B103 on bottom.

Ewa Bien’s aesthetic is vibrant and colorful with lots of embroidery while still maintaining an overall “light” look and attention to good fit. Here are some of my favorite spring/summer items:

Naria’s multicolored embroidery over teal looks like fireworks (pictured: soft balconette, which goes up to 30I, or UK 30G).
I loved the orange trim at the cup edges of Alba (pictured: soft and semi-soft).
Amala in pale yellow floral and coffee floral features printed tulle and swirls of coordinating embroidery.
Ewa Bien also specializes in all sorts of collars and harnesses. This is the “Lea,” so of course I love it!

Moving on to the fall/winter collection, there are more dark and saturated colors, and lots of sheer or tattoo-esque touches that really appealed to me:

Alba is subtly sexy.
I reeeeeeeally liked Diamond. It makes your boobs look like stained glass!
Diamond in red might be even better!
The Majuna longline styles were to die for.
Another Majuna longline, this time in red.
Check out that cool back! It’s designed to be easy to hook up and undo without assistance, but has the side effect of a sexy cut-out back at the same time.
The navy blue Dolores styles feature embroidered flowers and VELVET!
Loooooove that embroidery/velvet combo. Gimmee!
How perfect is Naria for fall?? It makes me think of autumn leaves and spices.

I’m very eager to try Ewa Bien for myself. I’ll have to scour eBay and Bratabase to see if I can find some sale pieces to first figure out my best size. Each bra model is supposed to fit the same from season to season and style to style, so once I figure out one model, I can buy any color!