My New Pain Free Bra 36HH Bra!

Last week I attended my first Curve event with Darlene and Leah. I have always viewed bra shopping as something that has to be done but is not going to be fun since it amounts to spending money on items that are essentially torture devices. Hence, I’m not really the audience for Curve, or so I thought. Our first meeting of the day was with Dana in the Eveden booth (the parent company of the Fantasie, Freya, elomi and Goddess brands). Dana said I should check out the Eveden Fit School to find out my size in the elomi brand. After two more meetings, when my mind had started to shut down from looking at too much lacy lingerie, Darlene suggested I skip our next appointment and go check out Fit School.

My visit to Eveden’s Fit School may have been life changing. So, it turns out, bras for above average breast sizes don’t have to be torture devices. Shocking, right? And the reason I viewed ripping my bra off my body as one of the high points of my evening was because I was wearing the WRONG SIZE BRA. We always hear women are wearing a band size that is too big and a cup size that is too small, and I was committing both of these bra wearing no-no’s. Instead of being a 38GG bra size (UK sizing) it turns out I am a 36HH in UK sizing (that’s a 36L in American sizing). And to think this time last year I was stuffing my boobs into a 40DDD bra (USA sizing and I was told that this was my size by a mall chain lingerie store – not Victoria’s Secret although I shoved myself into a 38DD sized bra from there for years).

The Eveden Fit School was mostly made up of professional bra fitters and was led by a woman named Freddy, whom I believe is the lead fitter for Eveden. I ended up being fit by Freddy and a woman taking the class. I’m incredibly grateful for my experience that day. How many people can see they were fit by the lead fitter of a company that specializes in bras for large chested women? It makes me sad that so many women are in pain on a daily basis because so few bra fitters are trained to fit a larger than average bust properly.

elomi Mathilda bra

I ordered the bra I was fit in almost immediately (new with tags on eBay). I didn’t have high hopes because most bras are comfortable for at least the first hour or so. I’ve only had my elomi Mathilda bra for 2 days but I can tell you that I wore it last night until I was ready to take my shower and never had a moment where I thought I needed to rip my bra off or die of pain. Wearing a correctly sized bra means I no longer feel as though my armpit is being impaled by my underwire. I honestly thought I was in pain on a daily basis because I have fatty armpits and not because I was wearing the wrong size. In my new bra, I still can feel that I have a bra on and the tightness and pressure of the band but my bra isn’t hurting me.

Finding the right sized bra is a journey and now that I know how a bra should fit I’m hopeful it will be easier to find the correct size in other brands. I’m not sure if I will ever reach the level of excitement that Darlene has for bras but I can say that I am excited to keep trying different bras in my size and building up a collection of pretty and supportive bras. And elomi has a new version of the Mathilda coming out in the color Unicorn – I am definitely excited about owning this (unfortunately I didn’t write down when this is coming out…oops).

Panache Jasmine in 38GG

If any of you would like my gently used Panache Jasmine bra in size 38GG shoot me an email at and I’ll mail it to you (no charge! Just want to help others find the right sized bra).

I wish I could wave a magic wand and give all of our readers the chance to be fitted by Freddy. Please remember that if your bra is hurting you – you don’t have to live every day in pain. Keep trying new bras and new fitters and reading bra reviews until you find a bra that doesn’t hurt that makes you look and feel fantastic. I only wish this process wasn’t so expensive.

If there is a great fitter or lingerie shop in your area – please share in the comments so that we can help each other out.