This week, I’m reporting on Curvy Kate’s offerings for autumn/winter 2019 as seen at the Curve Expo. There were a few interesting developments here. I really feel that the new (well, from a year ago) designer Olivia Wilson has made her mark in the best possible way. Overall, I think Curvy Kate has gone in just a slightly more elevated direction while staying true to its fresh, girly origins.

We were told that the collection overall has a “girls night out” theme, and I’d agree that the “lingerie for you” idea permeated several of the new arrivals, including even the Scantilly line. Katie, their PR maven (who is also the curly-haired model you’ll see in the photos), said they wanted to make Scantilly more of an everyday brand, not just boudoir pieces. So still quite sexy, but with the great support and fit you’d expect of regular CK bras.

So let’s start off with some swimwear. Autumn/winter swim collections are usually more sparse, and CK was no exception. But I really, really loves their well curated quirky-sporty choices.

How fun is the “Catch of the Day” style?? And that name is beyond perfect—mesh is designed to resemble fishing nets! This padded plunge ranges from 30-40 D-J, 42-44 D-G and comes out in August.
“Catch of the Day” also comes in a padded balcony bikini (30-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G) and bandeau bikini, pictured here, in sizes 30-40 D-J.
I’m completely enamored with the “Graphic Beach” sets. They’re so cool and innovative! The padded balcony bikini (left) comes in 30-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G. The padded plunge one-piece comes in 30-40 D-J, 42-44 D-G. There’s also a halter bikini top and high-waist brief, all coming in October.
I don’t usually go for strappy bikini bottoms, but this white strip is nice and wide, so I might make an exception in this case.
The “Delightfull” bra (32-34 G-K, 36-40 F-K, 42-46 DD-G, landing in June) is more of a plus-size bra and comes with something special…
…“Cushion Comfort” pads at the end of the wires to keep them from digging in! It also has a list of features designed with fuller figured ladies in mind, such as more centered support from graduated front apexes, and taller wings and graduated back apexes for maximized back smoothing. If I didn’t need a 28 or 30 band, I would be so stoked to try this for myself.
Moving on to my hands-down favorite bra of the collection, we have “Lemonade.” HELLO IT’S A LEMON-PRINT BRA GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!
“Lemonade” comes in 30-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G. 100% I’m going to have to try this one and cross my fingers that the 30 band is tight enough for me. Arriving in June.
Another of my top picks is the “Top Spot.” I can’t say no to a good polka dot, especially one with a keyhole gore. It features stretch mesh on the top half and double-lined lower cups to bring your boobs in and forward. Coming in July, it covers 30-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G.
“Top Spot” will also be released in black and white in November. Actually, what I’d love to see is black dots on white mesh.
I neglected to take a photo of it being worn, but CK has turned their amazing Luxe strapless bra in a Luxe basque! It has so many great features—internal side wings for extra support, grippy silicone along the top edge, shaping seam channels without actual boning so it molds to your shape without buckling, alternating sheer and opaque body panels to hold you in while remaining lightweight, three columns of hooks and eyes, and detachable straps and garters. Available up to J-cup in every band! (28-40 D-J, coming in August.)
Coming in July, “Unwind” is CK’s first non-wired bra. We were told that it still has the support and lift of wires thanks to carefully designed interior seams, and I have to say, we all agreed CK had nailed it!
Look at that profile! It really looks just as good as a wired (non-pushup) bra. “Unwind” covers 30-40 band with two cups at a time: D/E, F/FF, G/GG, H/HH, J/JJ. We were told that if you’re between sizes (you fluctuate between FF/G, for example), you’re better off going with the smaller choice.
Here’s a closeup of the magical internal seams. The fabric also felt super silky and smooth. Can’t wait to try this one!
The “Superplunge Lace” is CK’s deepest plunge bra yet, an irreplaceable clothing solution that goes all the way up to J cups in every band size (28-40 D-J). Arriving in August.
I always love CK’s color combinations, and “Flutterby” is no exception (30-40 D-J).
“Flutterby” will be available in September.
I noticed a lot of grey among several brands this season, and CK’s dove-colored “Victory X” set was a lovely addition (30-40 D-K, 42-44 D-G, arriving in June).
Finally, we have the standout set of the collection, “Sparks Fly.” These beauties will be out in September, and they are soooooo sparkly!
Look at this sparkly leotard! I want to walk around in this and some thigh-high boots and imagine myself to be some kind of David Bowie-Grace Jones hybrid. Both the bra and the leotard come in 30-40 D-J.
David Bowie lightning bolt!

Moving on the Scantilly…

How cool is the zipper-strapping combo of “Unzipped”? In 30-38 DD-HH, arriving in August.
The zipper is not functional, for anyone wondering (yes, I asked).
“Surrender” may look black from a distance…
…but it’s actually dark green! Yes, please! Coming in September, sizes 30-40 DD-HH.
“Rapture” was inspired by bird talons (30-38 DD-HH, available in July).
The “Indulge Me” bodysuit is made of stretch lace and features a firm band with traditional triple hook-and-eye in back to provide support despite having no wires and coming in sizes S-XL. Again we were impressed with the wireless support! Coming in September.