Here is my last dispatch from the A/W 2019 Curve Expo. This week, we focus on Panache’s latest offerings. They have lots of pretty things this season, and it was very tough to narrow them down!

Here’s the new “Paisley Floral” fashion colorway of my very favorite Panache bra, the Jasmine (28 F-HH, 30-38 D-K), coming in October.
Amelie is a new style (28 F-HH, 30-38 D-K) based on the Envy/Jasmine frame. I really like the printed band-solid cup combination. Available in September.
As usual, I have to share the new Tango fashion colors. This time we’ve got “Angel Blue” and “Aubergine,” coming in July and September, respectively. (30 E-K, 32-40 D-K, 42 D-J, 44 DD-FF.)
Clara’s new fashion color is a stunning metallic olive and black, arriving in September. (30-40 D-J.)
Envy’s new fashion colors are purple and sienna, available in October and August, respectively. (28 F-HH, 30-40 D-K.)
There were so many good greens this season from several brands. This is the Andorra in “Deep Jade,” landing in October. (30-32 DD-J, 34-38 D-J.)
I adore the new Arla fashion color, “Aegean.” What a perfect title for this turquoise blue (which unfortunately looks more like navy in my photos)! Arriving in September. (30-38 D-G.)
The new Corrine is my favorite Panache item of the season! Those embroidered black leaves are so beautiful yet minimalistic at the same time. Coming in October. (30 E-K, 32 D-K.)

From Cleo by Panache:

The Atlanta is a new style arriving in September (28-38, up to H in all bands).
Atlanta features this super cool back that closes with a magnet the neck.
Sofia Mode is a new three-piece balconette style with a modern lace crop-top overlay with standard band and straps in back, coming in August. (28 E-H, 30 DD-J, 32-38 D-J.)
Asher is a new core style coming out in tan and black in September. I love the art deco trim! (28 E-H, 30-38 D-J.)
I still miss the old Piper that was a true longline, but at least the “midi balconette” version still comes in a great color every season. This vibrant purple is dropping in September. (28 E-H, 30-38 D-J.)
One of the many high-apex bras we saw this season, Everly’s new fashion color is this striking blue that Panache has titled “Electric” for some reason. Available in July. (28 E-GG, 30-38 D-H.)

As always, Panache Sport is releasing a bevy of amazing colors. Still no plans for a bikini based on the sports bra, though. The wired one comes in 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-J, 34 B-J, 36 B-HH, 38 B-H, 40 D-GG; non-wired comes in 28 DD-H, 30 D-H, 32 C-H, 34-38 B-H, 40 D-GG.

“Grey Marl” has been added to the core colors of the wired sports bra, a nice nod to the athleisure trend. It’s being released in September.
Love the wired “Graffiti Print,” landing in July.
“Graffiti Print” again, to show off the neon blue straps.
Wired “Lunar Print,” releasing in September.
Coral/orange and army green/olive are one of my favorite color combos. This is the non-wired extended-band in “Coral Multi.” Coming in July.
Non-wired standard-band in “White/Black.” The Panache rep pointed out that all the parts of the bra that get dingy (armpits, band, etc.) are the black fabric. Available in September.
“White/Black” non-wired from the back.

Next up in the never-ending Panache coverage is Sculptresse! I think this is the most sophisticated collection Panache has released to date.

This is Chi Chi in “teal floral,” releasing in August. (34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH.)
Logan has absolutely stunning embroidery. Coming in September. (36-38 E-HH, 40-44 DD-HH, 46 DD-H.)
Seriously, how amazing is this color combo??
Dionne is back in a really cool monochrome “python” print. Arriving in October (just in time for Halloween!). (36-38 E-K, 40 DD-JJ, 42 DD-J, 44 DD-HH, 46 DD-H.)
The fit and the stretch lace edge on Carmel is absolute perfection. Landing in July. (34-36 E-H, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH.)
I thought new style Katya was the absolute standout piece. The description says the lace is pink, but it’s much closer to metallic silver in real life. Just gorgeous. Coming in October. (36-38 E-H, 40-44 DD-HH, 46 D-HH.)

Lastly, we have the Sculptresse sports bra. I can’t believe I missed this previously! It’s super exciting for women who’ve been sized out of the regular Panache sports bra. It’s got non-padded cups and features padded straps, a J-hook, and bagged out edges. We were told that it tacks well and provides a nice, round shape (as you can see for yourself). It’s already available in this black core color with orange trim. Hopefully they will add fashion colors in the near future. (34 G-J, 36 F-HH, 38 D-H, 40 D-GG, 42 D-G, 44 D-F, 46 D-DD.)

Finally, we have Panache Swim. There wasn’t much that I found particularly exciting this season, but fall/winter is always a small selection. However, I absolutely adore the fabulous forest green colorway of the classic Anya:

The bandeau bikini comes in 30 DD-H, 32-38 D-H and the one-piece in 30 DD-K, 32-40 D-K. Arriving in July.
Anya from the back.