It won’t work when it gets hot, but for now I only want to wear my Bra:30 tank with the BreastNest underneath (the BreastNest was also reviewed by Mia.). The Bra:30 stabilizes my breasts and keeps them from going too East-West, and it hides the hideous BreastNest. Meanwhile, the BreastNest wraps everything in super softness and prevents sweaty skin-on-skin contact.  It’s a perfect functional combination. If both companies would work together to create a summer-friendly version, I’d wear it year-round.

breastnest tucked in under bra30

As you can see from the photo below, the longer Bra:30 Tummy Tucker would be better for hiding the untucked BreastNest.

breastnest under bra30 front
There’s no lift, but there’s plenty of comfort and security.

breastnest under bra30 side

breastnest under bra30 back

Always on the hunt for yet another large bust lounge option, my ears perked up at Curve last month when Kim Caldwell (32D bra fitter extraordinaire, formerly of Linda’s, now of Hurray Kimmay) mentioned Peach Uplifting tops. I haven’t been able to try them yet, but I’d love it if the spaghetti strap cami worked for me.  Of course I’m skeptical of any sizing that doesn’t take cup size into consideration, but Bra:30 and BreastNest pleasantly surprised me, so I’m going to hope for good things from this product.

peach uplifting spaghetti cami

peach uplift v neck


uplift v neck tee

uplift three fourth sleeve tee