It’s always been difficult for me to find loungewear. As a 32J, it is hard to find a top that doesn’t require a bra and is at the same time supportive. This week I had the opportunity to try Darlene’s size medium BreastNest


The first thing you’ll notice about it is the way it looks before you put it on. Let’s be honest, on a hanger it looks like saggy, deflated boobs.

Who cares?! Try it on anyway!

You’ve got to put yourself into it, first the under portion which is like the band of the average stretchy sports bra, and then the outer cups.

I will admit that they definitely got the fabric right. It is so soft and comfy with just the right squeeze. I don’t feel the weight of my bust on my shoulders or back. The BreastNest is like a bra in that it does define the under bust as well.

I knew going in that this wasn’t made to fit my J cups, but I will say that it comes pretty doggone close. The under bra fits, but the cups are too small. If I went up a size, my fear is that even if the cups fit, my breasts would fall out because it would be too loose around my 32 inch under bust.


There is one thing that would keep me from wearing it and that is a matter of personal preference. Because of the way it fits in the cup, I feel uncomfortable wearing it around my teenage son. The way it fits the curve of my side and under bust is almost sexy, the way a bra would be. There are women on the website that claim to wear it in public, but I could NEVER do that. I don’t walk around my son with just a bra on, and when he came home I put a T-shirt on over the BreastNest. If I didn’t have a teen son in the house, I’d definitely wear it even though it isn’t a perfect fit.

For those of you in the H cup and below range, I’d recommend the BreastNest as a great loungewear/sleepwear option.