Last November I finally ordered my own BreastNest after Holly intrigued me with her review two years ago. Truth be told, when I studied Holly’s review and the photos on the BreastNest website, it didn’t look like something I would wear out of the house, but I hoped it would be different in person. Unfortunately, once it arrived, I didn’t think I could wear it inside the house either–I couldn’t get over the “breast sacks” that hung from the garment’s chest.

Something changed last week. After weeks on the shelf, I put the camisole on following an afternoon of errands, and I felt a giant sense of “Aaaaaaaaah”. I’d been wearing my Panache sports tank on the middle hook all day and didn’t realize how tight it was until I felt the soft contrast of the BreastNest.

I’ll never wear it out of the house, but I’ve now changed my mind about wearing it inside. I spent an hour in front of my computer in it and really appreciated its protection from skin-on-skin contact. Much as I love my Bra:30, it has nothing to protect me from under-boob sweat once gravity runs its course–the only solution is to hike the girls up and start again. I also like that the BreastNest prevents between-boob sweat.

As for support, there isn’t any, and that’s fine for just sitting in front of the computer or lounging on the couch. However, I’d be thrilled if the company could find a way to hide the “sacks” and add a little bounce-resistant compression. Then I would be willing to answer the door in it. In the meantime, since we’re having such a cold winter, I’m tempted to try the BreastNest under my Bra:30 for the best of both worlds.

The $58 price is a sacrifice for me, but I respect the high quality materials and workmanship that have gone into this product. The stitching feels very secure, and the multiple seams make this much more than a simple tee shirt. The fabric is Lenzing Modal, a bamboo fabric that is environmentally friendly because of the way the manufacturer treats the waste water used to soften the wood fibers. (I’m otherwise skeptical when anyone claims their garment is “green” because it is made with bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is the same as rayon, created with highly toxic chemicals that must be disposed of, which is why it is usually manufactured in third world countries with lax environmental laws.) The camisoles are made in the United States, and some of my photos show the careful attention to detail as well as the beautiful finishing inside and out. I’m wearing size medium.

After I tried the BreastNest last week, I mailed it to Mia for her opinion, which she’ll share with you tomorrow.

breastnest front

breastnest side

breastnest back preferred
The shelf bra extends completely around the entire camisole. I like the smoothing effect of the double layer of fabric.
breastnest under detail
I found the depth of the bra “cup” to be just right for me, although if I were larger I may want more. (That isn’t a flaw that you see in the seam that runs along my breast. It’s simply a notch to help the stitchers align the pieces of fabric.)
breastnest intersection outer
All the seams that must meet at the center gore area.
breastnest inside detail
An interior view of the cups. No raw edges.