Here’s a seersucker Ralph Lauren trumpet skirt in size 10P that I found on clearance a few weeks ago. I was actually looking for a basic khaki skirt to throw on with a tee shirt for errand runs, but I liked how the flouncy hem made me look curvier on the bottom, and blue seersucker is pretty much a summer neutral, so I bought it.

big boob balance with trumpet skirt

I’m wearing it with my Panache strappy top in 34FF (that no one claimed at last year’s clothing swap–hooray! Saturday’s swap was outstanding, by the way, and you’ll hear more about it very soon). While I was wearing it, I thought, “Oh I am SO tiny up top now!” Looking at the photos, I realize I am not tiny AT ALL, and I’m not doing anything to minimize my boob presence. No balance point or “third piece” considerations like a necklace or cardigan, and white color is doing its usual job of maximizing me. Plus, the band in this top is pretty stretchy on the tightest hook, so I’m not getting optimum lift.

Instead, I’m relying upon the flouncy hem for balance, and I think it provides it. Do you agree?