If you’ve ever looked at an outfit in the mirror and thought, “Something’s missing,” you may have needed a Third Piece. This has happened to me several times this summer while wearing my Campbell & Kate white button down, and today’s Campbell & Kate blog post is about using a necklace for your Third Piece when it’s too hot for a blazer or cardigan.

In today’s Hourglassy post, however, I have two further thoughts on this subject that I want to explore with you:

1. Have you ever found a Third Piece to be like a security blanket? That’s what I discovered when spring disappeared and I could no longer wear my trusty red cardigan because of the heat. Suddenly my big chest felt very exposed in my all-white shirts. When I wear my coral necklace with my white shirts, however, I feel more secure because it takes the focus off my boobs.

In truth, I have very few Third Pieces in my closet, and I’m in danger of slipping into the rut that Imogen Lamport says results from wearing all supporting pieces or villains. This brings me to my second reflection.

2. How do you decide which Third Pieces are worth investing in? As I write on the other blog, I fell in love with this C.Wonder necklace last Friday. It costs $128.

I haven’t purchased it yet. Instead I took a photo of myself wearing it and showed it to a friend who has completed the FIT image consulting program and who rarely pays full price for anything. If anyone would tell me not to buy the necklace, I knew it would be her, but she told me to get it.

I’m inclined to do it for the following reasons:

a. I will get more wear out of this necklace than the blue Cache dress I wrote about a few weeks ago.

b. I’ve been looking for a striking yet simple gold necklace like this for a long time. I’ve even combed the wholesale stores in Manhattan where everyone claims you can find the same items that you find in department stores for mere dollars.

c. This will go with my white shirts AND my V- and scoop neck tees.

Just today I began putting together a list of items that I need for the fall, and I know this necklace would work with everything on that list in addition to most items already in my closet. In fact, I suspect it would work for most items in most of your closets, which is one reason I’m telling you about it. (It’s not exactly a metal collar like Erika features on her Fall Must-Have List today, but it accomplishes the same thing.)

The thing about Third Pieces is you never know when you’re going to find them. It’s easy to budget and plan for basics, but Third Pieces are another story. Haven’t you found that when you have extra money, you can’t find anything in the store that calls your name?

My final rationale for purchasing it is that because I’m a white shirt seller, I need to wear my white shirts a LOT, and I need accessories that are going to make me interesting. It could almost be a business expense, couldn’t it?

So I’ve been rambling. Sorry. I’m going to reflect on this further before I come up with an answer to my original question, and you’ll definitely be seeing photos of me wearing this necklace if I decide to buy it. I’d love to hear your stories on how you have decided to invest in some of the Third Pieces in your closet.