You may already know Tina through the blog she used to write about work-appropriate clothing for full-busted women. I loved seeing her outfit posts and reading about the issues she faced as a full-busted woman in a male-dominated industry. When outside demands (like her full-time job) got in the way of daily posts, I asked if she would consider writing a weekly post for Hourglassy. Happily, she said yes!

Meet me, a late 70’s born 30-something woman from Helsinki, Finland – the land of design, Nokia, Angry Birds, Formula 1 drivers, 187,888 lakes, four distinct seasons and, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment, the best educational system in the world. I work at a market-leading machinery company as a Business Intelligence development manager. I feel blessed to be able to work in such a multicultural global company, but it’s not the most feminine industry or department, so I with my 34GG bust and womanly looks struggle with a work wardrobe (well, casual wardrobe as well but not as much). Like Leah, I too adore my boobs and never have thought about getting a reduction or felt I suffered from them, but I only discovered well-fitting bras and how a bra should fit some five years ago.

Currently I’m UK size 14-16 but am on a health mission, so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be fitter and as a result a few clothing sizes smaller (and can fit into FF/G bras so that I can wear all those fabulous Marlies Dekkers and Parfait bras!). My current favorites are Freya and Kris Line. I’m pro any size or shape as long as people are happy and healthy in their bodies!

I’ve never had any major hang-ups with my body and the weight piled up slowly during my late twenties, but I accepted my figure as it grew. I am lucky enough to have long legs and a fairly proportioned body, but still I did not have any friends with a similar bust so was alone with trying to hunt down clothes or bras that would fit. I had to pass on all fitted or tailored clothes in stores and felt bummed out about that – my bust simply could not fit into them! Only stretchy clothes would fit + flowy tunics – those totally hid my figure. Then I started searching online for information, stores, any tips or hints for someone my shape. There wasn’t much to find, but I did discover Bravissimo, which at the time sold both clothes and underwear. Now it’s divided into Bravissimo and Pepperberry, their clothing brand. I became an active follower of their Facebook page and got to know some wonderful women all over the world that were a similar shape. I felt right at home. That led to blogging for a while, which led to getting to know Hourglassy and then Darlene.

My style is slightly conservative in the cleavage department. In general I don’t really feel that comfortable with showing a lot of it. I wear a lot of dresses and in the summer sandals and as soon as it’s cold enough I get my boot collection out. If I were to describe my style in three words it would be classic, rock, smart casual (if that counts as one word)–a varied combination of the three. So I am not the most traditional wearer of office clothing, and I often like to play with busty clothing rules and that can divide opinions. But I always want my clothes office appropriate. Dresses, boots, accessories and jackets/coats are my obsessions.

I am thrilled that Darlene asked me to be a guest columnist on Hourglassy – happy if my columns can maybe be of some help to a fellow busty woman. What you can expect to read from me is ramble + reviews about mainly office suitable clothes and occasional bra talk about the brands I wear – both come with accessories. ;)  I will also share some general thoughts about being a busty woman in a corporate environment and how cultural differences play a role in all this–all the things that come with corporate curves!