Last week as I got ready for a networking lunch in this outfit, I realized it needed something else.

Fortunately, I remembered my blog post about necklaces from the week before and this great coral necklace that my former secretary gave me for Christmas. Here’s the result:

I like how it draws the eye up from my bust line and has a slimming effect. This necklace isn’t going to spend so much time in the jewelry box after this. (By the way, this tee shirt is by Grace Elements. I found it at Syms, but they were out of my size when I went back to pick up a second one. I like the sleeve length, the portrait neckline, the super soft fabric, and the fact that the front panel is double-layered. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s safe, boring black, but now that I can liven it up with necklaces, I’m glad I did.)

Look for Sadie to post about her antique necklaces next week. After the jump, you can see the jacket I used to complete this outfit.

I picked this Kate Hill jacket up from Lord & Tailor for only $85. It adds a more tailored element, and the white brightens things up. The big hooks almost fasten without any bulging. If my back were a little slimmer, it’d be fine. Since I wear it un-hooked, however, the side profile is enormous. See the bottom picture. I visit my tailor tomorrow to see what she can do to fix this. I’ll let you know!