This long weekend, we’ve been binge watching the second season of House of Cards. Claire Underwood’s look is now somewhat predictable, but she managed to blow me away with this architectural neckline in Chapter 17.

claire interview neckline
The asymmetrical panel actually stands up from the dress. You’ll have to watch Season 2, Episode 2 to get the full effect.

I doubt a DD+ woman could fit this dress straight off the rack; however I have no doubt that a DD+ woman would look amazing in this neckline if the dress were custom made for her. (Those of us with narrow shoulders might have a hard time hiding our bra straps, though.)

This Liz Claiborne top in fiesta rose is a more affordable interesting neckline that I tried last Friday. It definitely drew the eye to above my chest, and I loved it–except for the strum-strum factor that drew the eye right back down. You can even see the fabric pull marks on the model below.

liz claiborne interesting neckline

From Claire’s dress and the Liz Claiborne top, we see once again that the issue isn’t whether full-busted women can look good in interesting necklines. The issue, as usual, is fit. So I’ve taken a quick survey of the interesting necklines available to us from the companies that cater to the full bust market.

First up, the cowl neck is a popular one.

cowl necks for big busts

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Biubiu Portimao (my favorite because of the cinching near the shoulders)
  2. Biubiu Solina
  3. Pepperberry Cowl Zipback Top
  4. Saint Bustier Blossom Dress
  5. Saint Bustier Clementine Cowl Neck

These asymmetrical draped necklines from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania are similar to the cowl, but more architectural.

saint bustier asymmetrical necklines

Clockwise from left:

  1. Alto dress
  2. Daisy dress
  3. Alto top

Next up, my favorite interesting neckline. . . the sweetheart.

sweetheart necklines for big busts

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Urkye Mala dress
  2. Pepperberry workwear dress in black
  3. Pepperberry workwear dress in mink
  4. Saint Bustier Nigella dress

The Nigella neckline deserves a closeup.

nigella closeup

Next, variations of notch and keyhole necklines.

keyhole notch necklines for big busts

Clockwise from top left, ending in center:

  1. Pepperberry notch neck dress in teal
  2. Pepperberry keyhole jersey dress
  3. Saint Bustier Rita dress
  4. DDAtelier Lisbon sheath dress
  5. Pepperberry check workwear dress
  6. Pepperberry notch neck dress in black
  7. Saint Bustier denim top

Finally, here’s a scalloped variation of the simple V-neck from Pepperberry that’s worth a mention. It also comes in black and a violet that could easily pass for “radiant orchid”.

pepperberry scallop neck top

This is a good start from the full bust companies, but I’d love to see more adventurous neckline offerings in the future.

Have you worn something with an interesting neckline recently? Please share!