Here comes my second Trashy Diva review, the Jenny short-sleeve dress in bordeaux. I ordered this dress with the same “50% off sale items” coupon as the Doll Mini Dress, which I rated as absolutely perfect. In this case, I wouldn’t say it’s as flawless as the Doll Mini, but it comes pretty close!

First off, once again I am floored by the quality of this garment. The fabric is a wonderful heavy stretch jersey. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t cling to your every lump and bump, as more lightweight jersey tends to do. As such, it is unbelievably flattering and requires no shapewear.

Second, again the sizing chart is spot on. While in the non-stretch Doll, it placed me in size 8, in this case my measurements are firmly size 6. The fabric is quite stretchy, so if you’re between sizes I’d say go down. But the 6 is definitely correct, not small on me. Some people may find it a little aggravating that sizes are not necessarily consistent across every garment, but every single item has its own chart, which you can find in each particular item’s listing. So just trust each chart and you can’t go wrong.

I personally find this incredibly refreshing, since most brands (and sometimes stores *cough Modcloth*) only provide one chart for everything, but you know not all the items actually fit the same way.

Anyway, on to the Jenny:




To be honest, I was a little on the fence when I first tried this on. It’s quite long, stopping past my knee, and covers a lot of the chest. So it felt a little mature on first impression. There’s nothing wrong with a little maturity and sophistication in your wardrobe, but generally it’s not my preference. I just like a louder style.

However, once again the fiance, whose taste leans more classic, quite liked it on me. I also consulted the “Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva” Facebook group for advice on ways to style it to youth-en it up a bit, and came away with some nice suggestions. For tonight’s Valentine’s Day date, I’ll be sporting it with fishnets, black and white t-strap spectator pumps, and a neon pink skinny belt.

Once again it fits pretty much flawlessly. Lots of boob room, super flattering on the tummy, and not too tight on my bum. It’s nigh impossible to see in the mediocre lighting of my photos, but there are vertical seams leading from the skirt pleats to the bust, where it pleats out again. There’s also this cool gathering up on the shoulders that resembles netting, which allows for generous fabric in the bust.

I think this pleating and gathering construction would make this dress flatter any bust size, even smaller gals. If you’re more petite up top, I think the underbust and shoulder pleats would just rest more flat. Meanwhile for us big girls, the pleats and gathers mean the bust expands to quite generous proportions.

The sleeves are tiny on this dress, which I know many busty women prefer to avoid. But they are puffed at the shoulder for some additional volume, which I think balances the bust and gives my slightly sloping shoulders some much-needed heft.

The color in these photos is just a little brighter and more raspberry than the dress appears in real life. “Bordeaux” is really the perfect descriptor for it.

There are just two minor things thing I’m not completely enthused with here. First, there’s a horizontal seam that sits underneath the belt. It’s very subtle and I prefer the dress with a belt anyways, so it’s hardly a big deal. But it breaks up the nice fluid lines of the dress if I wanted to wear it without a belt. The second complaint is that the invisible side zipper is bumpy. You can really see the lumps on my left side in the shot from behind. But this is a common issue with zippers, and I’m not sure there’s any way to avoid it. If the zipper were on the back, it would probably lump up even worse at the waist and the back wouldn’t look as attractive.

Overall the dress is exceedingly soft and comfortable. It’s very versatile when it comes to accessorizing. And, once again, it’s beyond flattering. In fact, I’ve already worn the dress three times. I would certainly call that a success!

Trashy Diva has pretty much knocked Bettie Page Clothing and Heart of Haute off my list of favorite brands. Pin Up Girl Clothing still holds my heart thanks to their clever prints, but TD is certainly the one to beat when it comes to fit and classiness.