I loved seeing other Hourglassy ladies post their style personas, and I spent a few days thinking about what it would be for me. I could only come up with what has been my inspiration for some time already–the television show The Good Wife. There isn’t really anything else I watch that makes me notice the characters style specifically.

The entire female cast has amazing styles but my style persona would be first and foremost Diane Lockhart’s  sleek dresses and heels and her character’s tough-but-a-little-bit-cheeky attitude.


I love how this character’s style has evolved as I wasn’t that inspired by her old look that sported a lot of jackets and wide legged trousers. Lately she was my inspiration to start wearing big necklaces. I hadn’t really paid attention to the necklaces that are a key element in her style, but that is probably because in the last few season she has started to wear necklaces that I love, whereas before she wore kind of old lady looking ones that did not appeal to me. For a busty woman, necklaces are also great if you like to wear high necklines.


Her more casual style is something is something that has been fun to see. Her classic jeans, boots, red jacket and white shirt combo works on pretty much anyone and is something I wear often.


But like I wrote at the beginning of this post, my style persona is in fact this show, not just one character. Diane’s character lacks a little edge for my personal taste but Kalinda Sharma from the same show boasts loads of edge.




I do find some of her looks a little over the top for my personal use but love her boots, coats and leather jackets! So a combination of Kalinda’s shoes and overcoats combined with Diane’s dresses and necklaces speaks to me.

One reason why I’m not a huge summer season fan is because it’s too hot to wear boots then! I just have to share my latest boots purchase (spotted these beauties by Clarks when I was only going for lunch at the shopping center next to my work… oops!).

1557433_10152015342239735_912414932_nThe other investigator, Robyn, is one more Good Wife character that hits my sense of casual style with some of her looks. For example, this top is adorable, and I recently bought a dress in a similar style but totally different color.


The stylists on this show do an amazing job showcasing different kinds of office appropriate styles and making all of the styles suit the characters’ personality. Each character wears her clothes; the clothes don’t wear her.