Two months have flown by since Leah announced her engagement. This is the weekend of their civil ceremony,  so I’m sure you understand why there’s no Off the Rack today! Instead, how about a quick review of Eucalan’s new scent, Wrapture?

big bust laundry love eucalan wrapture
Most of us need help staying on top of hand laundering our bras, so I had no problems saying yes to Eucalan’s offer of a review sample of their newest delicate wash. And even though my own experiment showed me that a special lingerie cleanser isn’t absolutely necessary, I really love special detergents for my underthings because they rinse more easily and they smell so pretty.

Another benefit of a cleanser like Eucalan is that it’s rinse-free. I rinse no matter what, but this should make those of us who get paranoid over whether we got all the soap out relax a little!

As a product, I think Eucalan is great. As a scent, however, I’m not in love with Wrapture even though I adore the smell of actual night-blooming jasmine, which it’s based upon. I blame this on growing up in the Philippines, where the personal care section of our local department store smelled overwhelmingly like Wrapture. In other words, not very subtle.

I washed two bras with Wrapture in preparation for this review. One I didn’t rinse, and the other I rinsed. As I suspected, wafts of Wrapture engulfed me when I wore the unrinsed bra, but the rinsed bra was a less aggressive.

Eucalan also sent me single samples of their wash in eucalyptus, grapefruit, unscented and lavender. I know I’m going to like the eucalyptus and grapefruit better , so would you like one of my two bottles of Wrapture? If so, just say “yes” in the comments by midnight Tuesday, and be sure I have your actual email address. I’ll assign each entry a number and announce the drawing winners on Wednesday. Because I’m paying for shipping, this drawing is only open to U.S. residents.

P.S. Many of the Eucalan washes contain lanolin to reduce static. This makes me very curious to use them on my tights this winter!