After my first experience with Real Lingerie Washing Stuff, I have to say, I’m inclined to continue washing with it after this experiment, even if I don’t notice a giant difference in outcome from Tide. Here’s why: both the Le Blanc (from Linda’s) and the Forever New (from Intimacy) are super easy to rinse. It took forever to get the Tide suds out of Bra 1. It probaby didn’t help that I’m using the concentrated version, but even the original version takes forever to rinse.

Le Blanc, used on Bra 2, is in liquid form. The instructions say to use one capful in a basin of cold water and to soak for at least 20 minutes. This is perfect for me, as I tend to forget things in the sink until I need to brush my teeth. When I did finally rinse Bra 2, it took only two basins to get everything out.

Forever New is in powder form and calls for one capful in 4 quarts of water. I’m hoping one basin equals 4 quarts of water, because that’s what I used. The instructions don’t specify temperature, but I went with cold. Forever New is a lot sudsier and soapier-feeling than Le Blanc, so I thought it would be challenging to rinse. However, it only took three basins of clear water to do so. Forever New also specifies not to soak for more than 3 minutes, a check for those of us with procrastinating tendencies.

The smell of both washes reminded me of the old Prell shampoo, nothing special. However, now that Bras 2 and 3 have dried, they both smell beautiful and very different from each other. Both scents are very faint and feminine, so no worries about smelling like deoderant or conflicts with your own perfume.