It seems as though all of us are searching for a warm Fall/Winter coat that will suit our shape. I fell in love with this Kenneth Cole coat (size 14) two years ago. It is actually quite roomy in the bust. What I love most about it is that it can be worn with the collar down and the neck open or you can lift the collar up and add a scarf for colder days (and also because I love the look of it). The belt is great for cinching the waist. Unfortunately my beloved coat has seen its last days and I am forced to replace it.

good coat for big bust kenneth cole coat 1
My beloved coat was black

Because I had such good luck with Kenneth Cole coats, I would also like to try these.  They have a similar style and can also be worn with the collar up or open.

   kenneth cole coat 2

kenneth cole coat 3 kenneth cole coat 3 back

kenneth cole coat 4

kenneth cole coat 5

kenneth cole coat 6

What I am noticing is that coats with an open, wide collar seem to have more room in the bust.  What manufacturers intend to be space for the collar to open  fully, we can take advantage of and fill that space with boobs! Focusing on these styles tend to make shopping for costs a little less if a headache.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to look around for a denim jacket.  I came across this.

mia denim jacket find

Stick with me here, ladies.  I haven’t hit the bong.  I’m simply looking at this objectively and focusing on the form. I know, it’s very First Lady of the Motorcycle Club and would be great without about 4 of those zippers BUT it looks like it (or something similar) just might work for us bustier ladies.  Also, who doesn’t want at least one coat that  says “I’m sexy and I know it”?