We’re not giving away any big busts themselves, but here are two great prizes for those of us privileged to live with them.


One lucky D-G cup winner will receive her choice of a Danielle, Arabella OR Fiona bra and panty set from Parfait (pictured L to R below and available in band/cup size combinations of 30-40 and D, DD, E, F, FF and G). Need help knowing which one to choose? Check out the Danielle review by Becky’s Boudoir or the Fiona reviews by Leah and Lelaina, and look for Leah’s review of the Arabella next Friday.

Pretty full bust bras from Parfait.



One lucky H+ cup winner will receive a free copy of Norma Loehr’s book, Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction that Leila reviewed last week.  This book is your opportunity to have your own conversation with Norma Loehr and to understand fit and construction from an expert who regularly turns the dream of a custom bra into reality.


  1. Send an email to giveaway@hourglassy.com.
  2. FOR ONE ENTRY, include either a funny story about your life with big boobs OR what you like most about having them. We’ll post our favorites in a new blog post in the future (without any information to identify the original writer unless you specifically request it).
  3. FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY, include your age, current profession AND whether or not you’re a regular Hourglassy reader. We’re collecting demographic information to share with potential advertisers, but we will NOT share your name or contact information with anyone.
  4. Tell us the prize you’d like to win.

Next Sunday evening we will assign each entry a number and use a random number generator to select the winners. We’ll announce the winners on Monday! (If you don’t want us to use your real name for the announcement, please tell us what to use in your email.)


P.S. I hope you like the revised Hourglassy layout as much as I do. DreamUp Studios handled my original transition to WordPress and has been super responsive to my follow-up requests, always mindful of my budget. I highly recommend them. Meanwhile, blog spring cleaning continues, so don’t hesitate to chime in with suggestions.