I think this happens to all of us sometimes. Seeing a woman and thinking wow, she’s so put together and stylish. And feeling frumpy and messy even though that’s not normally how you would feel.

Messy hair and hardly any makeup, not as put together as I’d personally wish!

For me this happened last week after reading Darlene’s “Why I Love Busty Dressing … Guidelines” post. I discovered the Girl with Curves blog and got caught up in scrolling the images because I think Tanesha looks so gorgeous in all her outfits. I’ve also been following Grown and Curvy Woman and adoring her amazing outfits for some time now.

I emailed Darlene saying I feel so inadequate. I know nothing of style so why even blog! I just had such an instant self-esteem dive and felt so unpretty. Ok, I was not in the best of moods to begin with and was feeling gloomy thinking about last spring and my father who was then struggling with Lou Gehrig’s during the final weeks of his life. So that definitely affected the knock to my self-esteem.

But to the point of this blog post. What did I learn from this and why am I writing about this? I really analyzed why I felt the way I felt and talked myself out of it. As this is something every woman sometimes feels, I thought others might like to read how another woman handled it.

Lessons learned:

  • You can only be you, aspire to be the best you. Not someone else. (I never have time to do my hair or makeup as immaculately as the women whose looks I adore.)

    Glowing blow-dryed hair and radiant makeup, adore.
  • Every woman dislikes some part of their body. Accept yourself as you are. (I’m more of an inverted triangle than an hourglass so while I simply adore a shapely hourglass figure – that will never be me.)shape
  • While I find different facial features pretty, beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. (I’ve tiny eyes and a small face in general, that’s me and I can’t change that.)
  • Style is a reflection of your persona, create your own style with that in mind. (I’m not girly enough to wear flowy skirts or A-line dresses nor flowery prints or frills. I find them so beautiful on others, but I’d feel silly wearing them.)
  • Wear what feels comfortable. (Nothing will ruin your day and make you feel less confident than wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in. For me mismatching coat or tights that don’t quite suit the outfit can create this nagging feeling that lasts all day… We all have our own little quirks 🙂 )

    Very stylish but just think how you would feel wearing this to the office...!
    Very stylish and love both outfits but just think how you would feel wearing this to the office…!

What has helped you to be happy with yourself again after comparing yourself to someone else?